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Sunday Linkage: I Caught my Daughter’s Cold, so I’ll Post More Pics Edition


I love my daughter more than anything in the world.  However, like all children, she is a mobile bacteria and virus dispenser.  In accordance with that function, the kiddo has delivered cold symptoms to the CH 2.0 World Headquarters, which is now my bed, under two comforters, and contains one shivering administrator.  However, the link post must go on, so her it is.  In addition to my new cold, there were some technical problems, which prevented me from getting all the links.  If I missed you, let me know,and I’ll add your link.

4 Walls and a View



A Conservative Teacher

Mining the Numbers: BLS Data Shows Obama Has Destroyed 500M in Jobs, Bush Created 9000M?


Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread


Adrienne’s Corner

The Catholic Church fights fire with fire…


All American Blogger

Weekend Link Love: Johnny Horton Edition


Always on Watch

Obama’s Legislative Record


America’s Watchtower

Solargate: Another “green energy” company which received stimulus money files for bankruptcy


American Perspective

Kate Beckinsale – Rule 5

An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Saturday Afternoon – Movie Watchin’ – Laundry Time


Atlas Shrugs

Herman Cain will endorse Newt Gingrich


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead



Blogs for Borders

Obama immigration policy leads to three murders



Romney: ‘Obamacare – keep the good, repeal the bad’


Campus Reform Blog

What Are PIRGs and Why Should You Care?


Capitol Commentary

ObamaNation: Mormon Edition



Reading The Popes: A Beginner Philosopher’s Thoughts on Fides et Ratio – “Knowing Yourself”


Caught Him With a Corndog

State of the Union and Bad Makeup


Closet Conservatives

Sh*t Liberals Say

Da Tech Guy

DaTechGuy on DaRadio 10 AM WCRN Worcester AM 830…


Down Under on the Right Side

They bring fire and pestilence upon scumbags


Fleece Me

Time to start writing again


Freedom, By The Way

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a….Police Drone?


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Coming Soon: “Ask President Obama” Event Includes “Live Google+Hangout with President” (video)


Full Metal Patriot

Is Obama becoming another Khrushchev?


Fuzzy Logic

BO’s Subterfuge of the Union Address


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Relic & Treasure-Art Nouveau Majolica 1905


Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, Bitter Americans

Weekend Roundup: Richest Congress Members, Charitable Giving, The Perfect Politician, and Justin Bieber


H & B

Saturday Joke

Hot Air

Quotes of the day


Infidel Bloggers Alliance




I’D GO WITH “DISGRACE,” MYSELF: Reuters Staff Call Rubio Story Fiasco, Disgrace. But will anyone b…


Just a Conservative Girl

Apology’s in Advance – Hacking Issue


King Shamus

Hey, it’s a Mark Oxner for Congress Campaign Ad!


Labor Union Report

SEIU Thugs Accost Fresno County Supervisor At McDonald’s


Left Coast Resistance

Zo Knows !


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Pro-Obama Fanatic threatens to murder AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and His Family (Video)


Liberty At Stake

The Only Thing Dumber Than the Average Person is a Crowd


Liberty Works

Tragedy of The Obama Presidency In One Chart

Lonely Conservative

Good News! Hugo Chaves Wants Improved Relations with US, But Only if Obama’s Reelected


Manhattan Infidel

My Exclusive Interview with Captain Crunch



Wandering Around Sun City West I


Nebraska Energy Observer

The Jungle


Nice Deb

Granny Jan Video: Petulant, Thin-skinned President Throws Tantrums on the Tarmac



Best Kids’ Books: A List


Nonsensible Shoes

Saturday Learning Series – Game Theory 4


Nuke Gingrich

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water


Political Clown Parade

Mitt Romney’s Blood Money


Randy’s Roundtable

I Gotta Get Away

Reaganite Republican

So, Who’s Your Favorite Finnish Ice Skater?



Guest PostThe Drug Wars



Moving the Blog!


Republican Redefined

Gingrich: Romney Camp Stacked the Audience at CNN Florida Debate


Resolute Con/Contra Con

Is Jennifer Rubin a ‘Real Conservative’?


Right Klik

Washed Out – Feel It All Around



TOTALITARIANISM | Father Nathan Monk at Pensacola City Council Nearly Arrested for Speaking Calmly to His Elected Officials (VIDEO)


Sister Toldjah

Memo to the GOP Establishment: STOP trying to manipulate conservative voters (UPDATED)


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

What Is a California Republican?


Soylent Green

California Goes Full Batshit With Zero Gas Car Rule

Speak Up

What a difference a viewpoint makes



Who is killing more Americans, Iran or Mexico?


Start Thinking Right

There Is No Compelling Scientific Argument For Global Warming, Say The Scientists


Tea Party America

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory


Texas Fred

Anti-Gun Group to Launch Nationwide Boycott of Starbucks





The Camp of the Saints

Rule 5 Saturday


The Classic Liberal

theCL Report (January 27, 2012)


The Conservative Pup

Illinois Democrats Pass Discriminatory Law Against Those Who Need Drain Cleaner


The Country Thinker

A Tax a Libertarian Could Love?

The Daley Gator

So, why don’t Democrats believe in science?


The Other McCain

Now It Can Be Revealed: The Obama Administration Is Just A Hideously Expensive Twilight Zone Reference


The republican Mother

What you never knew about defense contracting…


The Resistance

Motorcitytimes: Detroit Lions ‘Well Represented’ on 50 Worst Head Coach List & Funny Coach Video


The Sentry Journal

How will history judge this generation if we let our republic slip away?


The TrogloPundit

Why do environmentalists hate plants?


To be Right

Comment on There is No Separation of Church & State in the Constitution by Harry


USA Partisan 2009

Illegal Obama “Propped Up” By Congress


Verum Serum

NY Times’ Invisible Ellipses: Paper of Record Forgets to Mention Newt Was Cleared on Ethics Charges

Voting American

Obama’s Record Speaks for Itself


Washington Rebel

Flying blind.


Western Hero

Ron Paul’s Anti-Exceptionalism


What Would The Founders Think?

An Interesting Letter From Alexander Hamilton



Math? ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style



Friday Fratricide, the GOP Debate Circular Firing Squad edition


Zilla of the Resistance

Let’s Make a Miracle Happen



Biden asks the important questions


Political Realities

The Buffett Rule and Paying a “Fair Share”


Woman Honor Thyself

Lukáš Kmi? vs the cellphone


Proof Positive

A Little Saturday Night Music

There you have it.  I hope you all have a great Sunday.

  • I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the linky love, always welcome.

    • Thanks for the kind words, and you are welcome for the linkage. Keep up the great work!

  • Love the enticing pics–thanks for the link.
    Next time, start taking Coldease at the first sniffle–too late now, works best at the start, but I swear by it.
    Feel better!

    • Thanks for the advice. I hope to feel better soon.

  • Thanks for the link Matt, hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks for the kind words. And keep up the great work!

  • You gotta wonder if the cat walking in front of the German Shepherds is flat-out nuts or if it’s just so diesel it knows it can fight off all those dogs.

    In any event, thanks for the linkage Matt. I appreciate the support very much.

    Have a great week and feel better soon, sir.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. Hope you feel better soon!

    • You’re welcome Shane. I hope to be back in action for work tomorrow.

  • Hope you feel better!

  • Matt,
    Thanks for the linkage. I appreciate it.

    Feel better soon!

    • Thanks! No problem on the link, keep up the great work!

  • Kudos to you Matt for soldiering on despite the cold. Didn’t affect your link post, excellent as always.

    • Some technical problems meant that I didn’t get as many as usual, but I’m working on it.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  • Chicken noodle soup, dear man, should be of help – hope you feel better soon. There are myriad dragons to slay and we need you wielding your mighty metaphorical sword. And thank you sincerely for the link.

    • Thanks for the advise, and the most kind words. I’ve never thought of myself as wielding a “mighty metaphorical sword,” but I think I like it!

  • Thanks for the link Matt! I like the socialism/capitalism comparison picture. How true.

    • Thanks sir. I thought that pic is almost as effective as the one of the two Koreas from orbit.

  • feel better, dude! you are more diligent than I. thanks for the link.

    • No problem Linda. Diligence is needed for all the people that support this blog.

  • KingShamus

    You gotta wonder if the cat walking in front of the German Shepherds is flat-out nuts or if it’s just so diesel it knows it can fight off all those dogs.

    In any event, thanks for the linkage Matt. I appreciate the support very much.

    Have a great week and feel better soon, sir.

    Thanks man! As for the cat, there is a thin line between brave and stupid.

  • Thanks for the linkage, Matt. Hope you feel better soon. Taking Zicam should reduce the length of your cold. The Psalm 23 pic was great.