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OWS Doesn’t Like Cameras: Even Formerly Revered Cameraman Attacked


I thought that Occupy Wall Street was supposed to be open and transparent?  Well, not so much would be the answer there.  We’ve covered before that Occupods in multiple locations have blocked cameras, or even attacked those recording their activities.   Here is one of those videos that we covered last year…

Then, we saw how Occupy Oakland threatened a news crew…

So, it’s pretty clear that the occupods don’t want cameras recording their activities-and that has not changed with the new year. The latest attack on a person bearing a camera came at Occupy Wall Street, the “mothership” of the occupy movement…

Tim Pool, a mini-celebrity for giving OWS the Walter Cronkite treatment through his nonstop web-based, TimCast live video stream, was involved in some kind of scuffle at around 9:30 p.m.  Sunday night — there is, of course, video evidence. On other occasions, marchers have been seen harassing him and yelling for him to turn off his camera.  And there are ominous statements directed at him online, like this one: “I suggest you stick by his side because unfortunately he’s probably going to need protection.”

For his part, Pool doesn’t mince words about his predicament.

“I probably will get severely injured in these next coming months,” he said. “…I pretty much expect to wind up in the hospital. The threats I’m hearing, with words like ‘protection’ in them, sound awfully Mafioso.”

Pool has been called a snitch who has helped police identify protesters for arrest. But he says transparency is one of the primary goals of Occupy Wall Street and he plans to keep his camera on, no matter what it reveals — even events that might be counterproductive to the protesters’ cause.

As we have discussed previously, any totalitarian, or criminal organization is understandably squeamish about having their activities recorded.  The linked article indicates that in the early days of the protest, Pool was treated like a rock star for his publicity.  Now that OWS is showing their true colors as a criminal/revolutionary/terrorist organization, that level of transparency is no longer desired.  Real footage points out the lie that OWS is a peaceful movement that only wants econominc justice.  And, since either totalitarian or criminal organizations seek to strictly control the flow of information, in order to hide uncomfortable truths, they will continue to attack and silence those that record their activities.  The truth is their enemy, transparency is a threat, and they will use force to hide the first, and stop the second.

Again, this shows OWS as a microcosm of the the future Marxist state that they would force upon all of us.  “Everything is OK,” and they will permit no level of truth to prove that otherwise.

  • OWS and the Democratic/progressive party. Two totalitarian movements made for each other.

    • Some would argue that they are one and the same!

  • Quite a charming crew those OWSers. So eloquent with their vulgar expletives too.

    • They are the vision of class and eloquence, aren’t they?

  • Karen

    These people sure are classy– and so PROGRESSIVE– for 1968. “Fight the power”? Really? All that’s missing is the little raised fist logo and Jimi Hendrix music. Heavy, man.

    And I love the way these people who are “occupying” public property don’t want to be seen.

    • They are a poor stereotype of a stereotype .