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Iron Sky is Coming!


If the title is confusing, allow me to explain.  Iron Sky is a highly anticipated dark comedy about one of my favorite conspiracy theories; that a select group of Nazis escaped in the aftermath of WW II.  No, this bunch didn’t hang out in South America and hide from the Israelis, they ended up sneaking down to Antartica, and escaped…to the dark side of the moon…in flying saucers!  Yes, there are people that actually believe this!  See this video for what the theory implies.

Made by a group on independent film makers, Iron Sky was fan supported.  In other words, they made the movie with donations from fans.  If you question the quality, take a look at the extended trailer…

And yes, these are the same folks that brought us Star Wreck…

Fortunately, they were able to hire real actors for Iron Sky, and it is in English.

What can I say, I’ve been waiting for this for over two years!

Check out the site for Iron Sky for how the film was made, and how you can see it.  


  • Don

    *picks self up off the floor*

    Okay, I’ve literally seen everything now…

    • Matt

      Yes, yes you have! Seriously though, I had seen Star Wreck a few years ago, and checked out their site. I saw that this was their next project. I’ve been waiting for it ever since.

  • Steve Dennis

    Very interesting, I might just actually have to check this one out.

    • Matt

      I’m thinking that you won’t forget it.

  • John Carey

    All I can say Matt…Nice.

    • Matt

      I’ve left you speechless again, haven’t I?

  • Libertarian Advocate

    But, but, but… What if its TRUE?????

    /snark off.

    • Matt

      If it’s true, then we have to prepare for Space Nazis, along with OWS, and the union goons…but I repeat myself.

  • Max

    I have been waiting for this for about a year and a half! I’ve already bought me a trip to Finland this April to see it :)

    • Matt

      That, sir, is commitment. Enjoy your trip, and thanks for stopping by.

      • Max

        No, sir, thank YOU! :)

  • Right Wing Theocrat

    Wow, it looks like something interesting, maybe even funny.

    • Matt

      I did like their last movie, and this one looks even better.