Sunday Links: Classic Rock Re-Visited


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Sunday!  A day of rest, for those that can afford to rest.  With gas prices at an all time high for this time a year, and things costing more and more, it’s a little more difficult for many folks to make ends meet.  So, here is some free information, as well as some free music.

A Conservative Teacher

Obama Follows Through on Threats to Bankrupt Coal Industry?


Ace of Spades HQ

My God, are you still talking? [Truman North]


Adrienne’s Corner

PJ Media thinks conservatives and the GOP has a “problem with sex”…


All American Blogger

Mexico Posts Huge 3 Ton Sign on Border Reading, “NO MORE WEAPONS!”


Always on Watch

Women In Art


America Speaks Ink

International Space Station a baby step for humankind: Canadian astronaut


America’s Watchtower

Solargate: Larry Summers was worried about Solyndra in 2010


American Perspective

Snowboarding Brothers, better than marauding muslims


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Saturday Afternoon – Zoning Out – Laundry Time


ARRA News Service

Uncoiling the American Economy

Atlas Shrugs

Saturday Night Cinema: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Army Daze


Blogs for Borders

Car Jack used to Breach Border Fence



Filed under WTF! Obama Gives Seven Alaska Islands To Russia



Romney loves trees, cars, lakes, he’s nuts!


Campus Reform Blog



Capitol Commentary

ObamaNation: Gas Prices Edition



The Obamacare Nun: From Faithful Religious to Filthy Riches?


Closet Conservatives

Another Must Watch

Cmblake6’s Weblog

You get up to go to the pot,


Conservative Blog Central

The Comedy of Nancy Pelosi – PBS Interview on Payroll Tax, Obama Budget,…


Conservatives on Fire

“FROM THE TSA TO YOUR HOUSE – RANDOM SEARCHES” an Essay by Cheryl at My Tea Party Chronicle


Da Tech Guy

And here is the other side of the Coin


Don’t Tread on us

The Tholian Web of Regs


Down Under on the Right Side

Tired of wordpress


Eye of Polyphemus

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around #138


Feed Your ADHD

The First President To …

Five Ft Three

What about free medical pills for me?


Freedom, By The Way

Don’t Sissify My Military. I Want You Tough, Honed & Ready to Kill.


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Rest in Peace, Whitney: Singer’s Funeral Is Today, Ex-Husband Bobby Brown Arrived, Houston’s Medical Records Subpoenaed (video)


Full Metal Patriot

Bush vs. Obama — Unemployment Rates and Annual Deficits


Fuzzy Logic

On “Social Engineering”: Stop With The Crazy About Rick Santorum, Please


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Relic & Treasure- The hunt goes on!


Hot Air

Bad news, Canada. America loves you.



Stuck inside these four walls



AT AMAZON, Deals & Bargains in Home Improvement. Plus up to 50% off on power and hand tools….


Just a Conservative Girl

Stat of the Day – Abortion in the Black Community


King Shamus

Barack Obama: I Totally Have A Plan To Stop This Runaway Spending

Knuckledraggin my life away

Good shooting, guys.


Labor Union Report

NLRB Staff Union Claims Pro-Union NLRB Bosses Have Declared War on NLRB Employees


Left Coast Resistance

Give Em Hell Andrew !


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Pic of the Day: New Tone in Tucson


Liberty At Stake

On Growth


Liberty Works

Romney at CPAC: Close, But Not Quite Right


Lonely Conservative

No Shared Sacrifice By Michelle Obama as She Skis Aspen


Maggie’s Notebook

Son of Hitler Jean-Marie Loret: Fought Germans in WWII


Manhattan Infidel

Gollum Opens Law Firm


Mind Numbed Robot

About That Obamacare Attack on Religious Liberty – aka The Birth Control/Abortion Pill Mandate…

Motor City Times

Bruce Springsteen In Paris



“Let Them Eat Condoms” Says Barry Antoinette


Nebraska Energy Observer

America’s Place in the World, and Why It Is and Must Remain So.

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Nice Deb

Saturday Movie Matinee



Birthdays and Groundhog Days


Nonsensible Shoes

Democrat Math: More benefits + more condoms = ?


Nuke Gingrich

I Will Be Making A Trip To Lowe’s Soon


Political Clown Parade

Temporal Distortion: Amazing Time Lapse Video


Political Realities

Abortion and Contraception – Rights and Mandates


Proof Positive

Tom Sullivan Interviews Sarah Palin


Questioning With Boldness

Study: Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gasoline Cars – Electric Cars – Fox Nation


Randy’s Roundtable

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Reaganite Republican

Around the Righty Blogosphere .



The Degüello: The Story of One Special Forces A-Team and the Mission of a Lifetime


Republican Redefined

Senator Corker: Obama Budget Makes Mockery of the American People (VIDEO)


Right Klik

Obama Finally Brings Us All Together



Thomas Del Beccaro Why Aren’t the Democrats Keynesian on Taxes? Thomas Del Beccaro, Big Government


Sister Toldjah

Culture Wars: Han shot first, and the emasculation of heroism


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

Fashion and Style Pick-Me-Up: Designers, Meet Michelle Obama


Soylent Green

Saturday Cinematic Scinitllation: Julia Stiles


Speak Up

“Am I Magistrate, or A Muppet?” Justice Sonia Sotomayor Appears On Sesame Street With Muppets



U.S. is talking deal with the Taliban – I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists?


Start Thinking Right

Myth: Obama Birth Control Mandate Will Bring Down Costs. FACT: Obama FORBID Consideration Of Cost Control In That Mandate


Tea Party America

Freedom of Speech a Fantasy in America



Comedy: Bill Cosby — Himself

Texas Fred

Hill County town fears police influence is out of control





The Augur’s Well

My Picks


The Camp of the Saints

Rule 5 Saturday


The Classic Liberal

theCL Report (February 17, 2012)


The Conservative Lady

Possible Military Action Against Iran Likely?


The Country Thinker

At the End of the Tunnel—February 17, 2012


The Daley Gator

Team Obama sharpening their knives for Santorum


The Other McCain

Could Nancy Jacobs Do A Better Job Of Taking Care Of Veterans Than ‘Dutch’ Ruppersberger?


The republican Mother

Wall Street and FDR: Chapter 8

The Resistance

Today’s News & Views


The RSS Ronald Reagan

All Americans are equal…but some are more equal than others


The Scottcarp Dream

Here From The Trenches In Battleground Ohio


The Sentry Journal

Obama’s job approval at 50%: Are you kidding me?


The TrogloPundit

What’s the difference between an Iranian ninja and an Israeli commando?


To be Right

Comment on Voting To Get Other People’s Stuff by Harry



Jesus Knows You Are Here (Humor)


USA Partisan 2009

Obama Is Dropping Cluster Bombs On Innocent Civilians In Yemen


Verum Serum

Dems Swarm Romney on Critical Pet Handling Issue


Voting American


Wade’s Conservative World

AT&T: Buy Our Service, But Don’t Use It


Washington Rebel



Western Front America

Heartland Institute responds to stolen and fake documents


Western Hero

“Congressional Corruption,” but I Repeat Myself…


What Would The Founders Think?

Honor Exemplified


Woman Honor Thyself

Allen West!



Bedtime ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style



As expected, Chris Christie vetoed gay “marriage”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the music, and clicked on some of the links.  As usual, the  collection was quite good.

Have a great Sunday, and keep checking back throughout the week.

Thanks for all of the support and comments!