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Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Animal Rights nut Busted Trying to put a Hit on Someone Wearing Fur


This lady bring as whole new meaning to “fur is murder.”

Er, let me guess, this lady probably supports abortion?

  • I heard about this today, it is an unbelievable story but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised anymore at the lengths some of these radicals will go to in order to further their agenda.

    • Yeah, it’s an illness.

      Remember this?

  • She looks like a real barrel of laughs, too, with that ‘thousand yard stare.’

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • It just screams “needs an antipsychotic!”

  • I bet you are right. She is probably in favor of abortion. Go figure that one out.

    • If it is so, it would be typical liberal self hatred. Humanity is a disease, and other forms of life are sacred.

  • Good grief, she is nasty piece of work, wants to kill anyone over 12!

    Very stupid and cheap too, $100 for a hit, that’s it!

    Yeah, she probably is in favor of abortion on demand, anytime, anywhere and anyone funded by the taxpayer too.

    • Typical liberal. It wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted someone else to pay for the hit as well.

  • Remember the “No Pressure” video?