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More Evidence that OWS is a Microcosm of Their Future Socialist State


Redistribution is one of the key foundational concepts of socialism.  People having differing talents & work habits is inherently unfair, so government has to steal from others, and give to others.  Naturally, we have history to teach us that this thinking eventually fails, but reality is an elusive concept to our left, so additional examination is needed.

The latest example comes from OWS, who have been taking over forclosed homes, and kinda-sorta giving them to others.  Let’s see how that has worked out for them.  Hot Air has the details…

The proposal originally attracted the support of Wise Ahadzi, owner of a property in East New York who had been unable to make his mortgage payments and moved his family to a lower rent apartment while he sought to sort things out with the bank. Occupiers proposed that they would fix up the place for Mr. Ahadzi in exchange for taking part, and he agreed. They busted in and soon installed the family of Alfredo Carrasquillo, a homeless man. So popular was the move that a Democratic member of the city council came to pose for a photo op with the new tenant.

So, how did that work out for Wise Ahadzi? The pictures speak for themselves.

Last week,Wise Ahadzi opened the door to the house he still owns, 702 Vermont Street in East New York.

Inside is a war zone. The walls are torn down, the plumbing is ripped out and the carpeting has been plucked from the floor. It’s like walking through a ribcage.

Garbage, open food containers and Ahadzi’s possessions are tossed haphazardly around the house.

“This is where my kitchen was,” Ahadzi says. There is no sink, no refrigerator and no counter space. Instead there are dirty dishes piled high waiting for a dip in three large buckets of putrid water that serve as the dishwashing system.

The house is now in such a condition that the owner sees it as being fit for nothing other than being condemned. Even if he could get the mortgage situation straightened out, he couldn’t move his family back in. The property is destroyed.

So, we see what redistribution (theft) accomplishes.  Let’s look at it this way.  Liberalism and “social justice” in practice has ruined this home.  When you think of it, liberalism did the same thing to a city (Detroit), and an entire state (California).  And, if our leftist friends had their way, they would make the entire country look like Detroit.

  • I don’t know what this man thought the OWS crowd was going to do for him, but, it sounds like a case of fraud.

    • Everything the regressives do is a fraud.

  • I can’t say i feel much sympathy for Ahadzi, when you lie down with rats and scumbags, what did you expect to find in the morning.

    Seriously, these are the vermin who defecate in the open, they’re like the savages of the stone age, filthy, disgusting people.

    Maybe he had no idea, well he can spread the word about these vermin now, so no one else will make the same mistake.

    On a side note, the occupy scum are our best gift, every day they demonstrate to the common man who doesn’t read blogs and scratch beyond the drive-by media news headlines what life would be like under liberal rule.