Blog Focus: Someone you Should be Aware of, and Avoid


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Zilla, over at Zilla of the Resistance, has had run-ins with a so-called Conservative blogger that apparently has the mission of attacking and harrassing other Conservative bloggers.  Take a look at the following excerpt…

There is festering parasite clinging to the underbelly of the Dextrosphere…

Last summer when my friend, human rights activist Pamela Geller, and others in the counter-jihad movement were brutally blood libeled, I organized a show of support with my readers and fellow bloggers to let Pamela and the others know that they did not stand alone, and that people who were paying attention knew better than to believe the vicious lies that were being spread by leftist blogs, islamic supremacists, and the mainstream media.

While I was adding names to the list of people who wanted to publicly show their support for Pamela, I met some new people whose blogs I had not been familiar with before who asked to be added to the list (and because I was happy to see my friends get such support, I also added them to my blogroll). I have since become friends with and fans of many of these people who I had been unfamiliar with before, but there is one person among them who I wish I had known more about before hand because I would have avoided him like the plague had I known his history. The person I reference had hurt a lot of people before I knew him and he has since harmed others, which is why I am doing this post, as a public service, in the hopes of sparing other people from the damage that this person causes.

Last fall, I was checking out Google+ when I noticed a post on there that said “I am quitting blogging” or something to that effect. I am generally a friendly, compassionate, person and when I see someone down in the dumps, I usually try to help if I am able to, so I asked this person why he was quitting and was told that it is because he wasn’t getting any hits at his blog. I have enjoyed some modest success as a blogger not only because I relentlessly self-promote my work but also (and largely) because other bloggers have kindly linked to me and otherwise helped me out, so I thought I’d see what I could do to help that person because I hate to see someone stop doing something they love for lack of encouragement. I figured I would visit his blog and link to some of his posts from my own, so that he could benefit from some of the eyeballs that find their way to my place, but when I went there, I saw nothing I’d want to promote from my place, as his blog was filled with a bunch of bitterness and vitriol for other bloggers and he appeared to be the type of person who blames the whole world for whatever his life is lacking. Everything that did not go his way was somebody else’s fault.

Among other odd things, I saw a post complaining that Erick Erickson of RedState did not accept his submission for Erick’s “I am the 53%” project which was created to represent the 53% of Americans who pay income taxes to counter the meme of the #occupy squatters’ “I am the 99%” which is supposed to be about Americans who do not comprise the “1%” of the super-rich in this country. It is understandable why the submission wasn’t accepted, because the site shows letters from the “53%” who are people that work for a living and pay taxes, which the person whose letter was rejected does not – he has been unemployed and living in his mom’s basement for many years and pays no income taxes whatsoever.

I realized that I could not help this person and I moved on to other things. The next day, I saw him post something horrible in the comments section of a post at The Other McCain which prompted me to remove that person from my blogroll and avoid him as much as possible. Stacy was having a rough time, and while most of us offered words of comfort and support, one person decided to use Stacy’s misery as a chance to kick the man while he was down in a fit of epic douchebaggery. Here is the nasty comment, along with the responses from me and other friends of Stacy to such a vicious unprovoked attack (and where my friend Bob Belvedere was kind enough to let me know that this sort of nastiness was nothing new from said person):


After that, I removed “Patrick” from my blogroll and pretty much forgot about him, and he apparently did shut down his blog, only to resurface later – which I would learn is a serial thing with him wherein he has a blog, causes a lot of trouble, wonders why nobody likes him, blames everybody for what he did, closes the blog, opens a new one, attacks people, blames everybody for what he did, wonders why nobody reads or links to  him, closes the blog and then opens a new one again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. He also resurfaces with different usernames that are typically variations on whatever names he has used before, as you will see.

So I realized that there was something wrong with the guy and I honestly didn’t much think about him after that, although I became aware that he opened a new blog, and he also made a few comments to the A-C page that I run at facebook including one in which he threatened other fans of the page (I deleted the comment as soon as I saw it because I have already had problems with people trying to get the page shut down). I still thought it best to avoid him as much as possible and try not provoke him due to his unhinged nature.

On Christmas Day, my friend Karen, who runs The Lonely Conservative blog, was seriously injured in a bad fall. While she was suffering and in pain, someone offered to “help” her with the blog and Karen accepted, allowing this person to contribute to her blog while she began what would become a long road to recovery. I initially was happy to see that she was getting some assistance, until I realized who exactly it was “helping” her. The “help” came from “Pat in Michigan” who is the same person that had attacked Stacy McCain. I had a bad feeling, but hoped that he had changed. It became quickly apparent that he had not, and he used Karen’s blog to attack conservatives, other bloggers, and commenters to TLC, and to ask people to give him money. Karen quickly realized that “Pat” was not appropriate for The Lonely Conservative and declined any further “help” from him.

For as long as this excerpt is, there is a lot more mental illness to explore over at Zilla’s place.  Get on over there and read the rest.  

My only addition is that people just avoid this guy, as we’ve already given him enough attention to feed his unwarranted self importance for some time to come.

  • Yikes. Sounds like the Prozac ain’t working any more.

    • I’m thinking that there is a need for something much stronger.

      • Thorazine?

        • That seems more appropriate!

  • Thank you, Matt!

    • No problem Zilla. Thanks for the heads up!

  • What a wack-job.

    Teh intertubes is full of crazies, but this dude is pretty bizarre.

    Good riddance.

    • Yes. Probably more sad that anything else.