Blog Focus: How Feminism Works


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The Other McCain has an incredible post, dissecting feminism, and exposing how the left that uses it for their own rather nasty purposes.

“The quintessential example of this is of course Ted Kennedy, whose career stands for the proposition that you can allegedly assault women and even leave a woman to die and be reelected for eternity so long as you vote the right way.
“That is to say, for all of the left’s bleeding-heart smugness about ‘good intentions,’ they’re remarkably bottom-line on this: So long as you support abortion and the rest of their packet on social issues, your actual intent when calling a woman a ‘mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick’ is irrelevant. It’s an irrebuttable presumption of feminism, a de facto ‘get out of misogyny free’ card.”
– Allahpundit, Hot Air, “Kirsten Powers on Rush and Sandra Fluke: Where’s the outrage at misogynistic liberal men?”

This goes toward confirming my repeated (and strangely controversial) analysis of feminism as a phenomenon deeply rooted in the radical-egalitarian worldview of the Left.

No matter how much historical fact I pile up in support of that analysis,Joy McCann will inevitably come back at me in a raging fury for having trod upon whatever sort of “mainstream feminism” she believes Christina Hoff Sommers has rescued from the leftist ash-heap. But the fact that the Left never stopped defending the contemptible Ted Kennedy — a man who was permitted to shamelessly abuse his inherited privilege simply because of his political posture as a defender of the downtrodden — and that Kennedy was especially a hero to feminists, would seem to demonstrate the validity of my analysis.

Feminism’s embrace of the vile Kennedy very much resembles the way the Left celebrates such monsters as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, et al., who have ruthlessly slaughtered innumerable innocents in pursuit of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. That the Left’s heroes butcher (actual) peasants and workers as an alleged means of advancing the (theoretical)rights of peasants and workers is one of those contradictions that the Left can never explain to the satisfaction of any honest observer.

Get over to The Other McCain and read the rest.  It is most impressive.  The premise that the left commits near genocidal acts against the citizenry in the name of helping the citizenry is one of the greatest political paradoxes of all time.  They bring the axiom, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help,” to it’s truly horrific conclusion.  Government does not help- at best, it hinders, at it’s worst, it is a brutally efficient killing machine.  Considering that killing seems to be the only thing that government can do efficiently, should we be running gang-busters to expand it?

  • Oh yeah… this!!

    I had a blog post on it, too. Seems the whole brou-ha-ha over the term “slut” is disingenuous at worst.

    Hypocritical at best 😉

    • Yes, it is the hieght of hypocrisy, in all honesty. That people fell for fluke at all is amazing. It does go to show that the MSM still has the ability to push a narrative, no matter how false.