When Will We Ever Learn?


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My frustration level has been at an all time high this week. Almost every where I went on the Internet the discussion was on the contraceptive issue and Ms. Fluke and not on the issues that really matter. Then I stumbled upon an article by J. E. Dyer at the Hot Air Green Room that helped me put things back into their proper perspective.  His opening paragraph played right into my frustration. he ask the question: “How do we stop this?” His answer may surprise you.

The answer is, We can’t.  Not in the context of current government.  We bought into this mode of political discourse decades ago, when we decided it was a good idea to set up federal regulatory agencies and unleash them on every aspect of our lives.   When the federal government is empowered by its regulatory charter to take sides on the issue of contraception, then contraception is something we have to talk about.

Please read this important article. It is not about the contraceptive issue at all. It is about the real problem in America; big government. The American electorate has voted for decades to empower the federal government  to regulate more and more aspects of our lives. The size of government and the amount it spends naturally grow accordingly.

It appears that the American electorate is about to do more of same this November. Americans will choose between the worst big government advocate of all time, Barack Obama, and the Republican nominee who will grow government at a more modest pace.

That’s not much of a choice, is it? I have spent nearly six hours this morning thinking about what I would write today and yet I haven written only about 300 words. To my astonishment, I find that I have nothing more to say except; When will we ever learn?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

  • A great question, we simply do not have a great choice coming up in November. Neither candidate will do what is needed to solve our problems, at best we can hope to delay the problems, but they will just keep coming back until it is too late. Then and only then will we learn.

    • I wish I could disagree with you, Steve, but I can’t. If we don’t get rid of Obamacare and keep the Bush tax cuts, this country will be mortally wounded.

  • That linked article is spot on!

    I keep telling my conservative friends that all their bitching is for naught as long as the Obama regime or any statist regime is in power.

    • Statist of any Party are our enemies. We will not be save until we cleanse the Republican Party of statist and then keep the anti-statist in power. Until that time, the best we can do is to work against Democrats wherever we find them.

  • I agree with the Hot Air article, and everyday as Obama and the Left are stripped down to the core, I’m thinking I need to be grateful to Limbaugh because we have this abhorrent Bill Maher mess on the radar.

    We now have it clarified that not only will the regime force us to pay for birth control and abortion (which we already knew), but they will FORCE it upon religious affiliates, whether they bear the cost or not.

    The more we see and know about the future planned for us under Obama, the better off we are as we head to November.

  • The Obama regime has to go without question. That is our first priority. Then we need to purge the Republican of their big government advocates: those that voted for the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, and etc.

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