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Communist Congressman Shares Values with Obama?


Here is one of the videos that Breitbart was promising before he died.  It shows another interesting connection from Obama’s past…

So then, we’re seeing yet another communist connection with Obama. You know, that evil political ideology that killed over 100,000,000 people in the last century. Of course, OWS is asking for a do-over, but I can’t help but think the results will be much the same.

  • Steve Dennis

    Well at least we finally have Obama admitting that communist supporters share his values! We knew it was true, but maybe this will make some people have second thoughts about Obama this time around.

    • Matt

      Yeah, I hope it changes a few minds. But I think it will be an accumulation of evidence that turns the tide.

  • Always On Watch

    I’m looking forward to the next video released!

    • Matt

      Me too, it’s starting to look good.