Apparently Some Polls and More Important Than Others: Harry Reid Thinks 80% of Americans “Meaningless”


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We’ve been looking at the selective outrage of the regressives as of late, as well as their (sadly successful) attempts to distract the national conversation away from Obama’s failures.  However, their selectivity also extends to polls.

If you recall back to 2009, during the debate around HR 3200, CBS published the results of a poll, suggesting that 70% of Americans wanted a public opition.  Needless to say, the MSM, lefty sites, and the regressive as a whole sang the virtues of this poll to the heavens themselves (or perhaps they were looking to the opposite direction of heaven).  Then, once people looked at the poll’s internals, it was realized that Democrats were over-sampled over Republicans by an almost 2-1 margin.  In other words, they cooked the books, cheated, and bamboozled.  But, that poll was the gospel truth.

Fast forward to now, and polls have an entirely different meaning.  CBS published the results of a poll, emulating the famous Reagan quote, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”  Unlike the answer to Reagan’s question, the question under Obama is apparently, “not so much,” as 80% of respondents either indicated, “worse off,” or “no change.”  Since these results are not proclaiming the glorious-unicorn-farting-rainbows-epic-win of the Obama administration, it isn’t quite as “true” as the 2009 poll.  Even Harry Reid thinks so!

(Kindly hit the link to see the video, it doesn’t seem to want to embed here.)

Wow, how times change!

  • This shows us that what Harry Reid cares about is partisan politics and he dismisses a poll that shows Americans are not better off under Obama because it doesn’t fit his leftist agenda, and he is more interested in helping the party than the people.

    • That’s pretty much it.