#Occupy Uses Feces and Urine as Protest Tools?


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Apparently, the answer to that question is yes.  No matter what one thinks or feels about the big banks, one thing is clear-that since the occupods don’t like them, no one can use them.  So what do they do?  They dump human waste into banks!   However, they forgot that banks have cameras.  Here is the footage, via The Blaze…

The Blaze also has some coverage…

Security cameras and witnesses were vital in helping police identify and arrest a suspect.

NBC-NY reports:

Police said Occupy Wall Street protesters were captured on surveillance video dragging a large receptacle of human urine and feces to an open-air plaza at the corner of Nassau and Cedar streets last Wednesday evening, just before 8 p.m.

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They then poured the waste down a set of stairs there, police said.

Then, the story takes a rather sick turn…

In a bizarre twist to the story, it seems that Mr. Amos’ van was also used to haul food for the Occupiers. Also in the NY Post story:

Amos was in charge of bringing food for protesters at 60 Wall St. and his white van was caught crossing the Brooklyn Bridge several times.

Kindly categorize that under, “ick!”

OK what do we make of this, other than a juvenile act of vandalism?  It goes along with my conclusion in  yesterday’s post.  #occupy is a tiny fraction of 1% of the population, but they have endowed themselves with the authority to tell all 300,000,000 plus Americans where we can deposit our money.  Of course, they won’t stop there.  It’s the nature of any totalitarian movement to dictate to the people.  They’re simply performing as expected.

Linked at the Conservatory, and King Shamus.  Thanks!

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  • These people are becoming downright vile, and this is who Barack Obama is counting on in November. Although it does make me smile to think of the people eating food which was carried back to them in the same van.

    • I have to be honest. This level of vile is just getting started, it will get worse.

  • Cant’ we dump the feces on the Occupods? It would be sweet.

    • That would be hateful and racist. Only they are allowed to do that, and doing it to them would be an act of racism, and disrupt their rages against the Jewish bankers.

      • Matter of fact, they already pee and poop in and around their own encampments, which is one reason why so many of the encampments have been shut down. They are a health hazard, not only to the inhabitants, but to the general public.

  • Filthy — that’s what they are. In every sense of the word.

    • That they are, AOW, that they are.

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  • Best Occupy story of the month? Or is it all-time?

    Nothing encapsulates that movement, in all it’s putrescent steaming immature glory, than these clowns doing this. It’s perfect.

    Thank you, Leftists. You guys rule at self-beclownment.

    • Self beclownment about nails it sir, and thanks for the linkage!

  • Mental midgets!

    • Indeed! Sadly, they have a morality to match.

  • There are some interesting legal ramifications here. Do you realize that the perp was arrested not for poop-dumping, but rather, for having a stun gun in his vehicle? See: http://1389blog.com/2012/03/22/now-this-is-disgusting-6/

    • I had not heard that, but thanks for adding that to the mix.

  • Disgusting… I think these people need to join the other pigs at the trough.

    • Heh, they want to own the trough for themselves.

  • I read about this elsewhere, Lord, they are a filthy disgusting bunch of turds aren’t they. In a just world these scumbags would be made to clean it all up but i doubt they will.