Useful Idiot of the Month: March 2012 Nomination Thread


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It’s that time folks!  We have a mission here at the CH2.0.  We have to nominate useful idiots for this month’s poll.  For those new to this, useful idiots are people that, unwittingly or not, support socialism/Marxism.  Then, when Marxists actually come to power, and install a totalitarian state, the useful idiots are usually eliminated.  After all, you can’t have idealism interfering with the totalitarianism, can you?   It’s happened everywhere a Marxist state has been installed, but, according to the useful idiots, the survivors and witnesses are lying, so it’ll come a big surprise if it happens to them.

The process is simple, drop you candidates in the comment section.  In two days, I’ll post the poll, and the world can vote for their favorite useful idiot.

Ready, set, GO!

  • Kind of a weird nomination but I’d like to put forward Obama’s “hot mike” as the useful idiot of the month for letting us all hear about Obama’s plans regarding Russia and SDI after he “wins” the election.

    • I’ll allow it!

  • It’s a hard choice this month. I’m going to go with the media in general, in honor of the way they have handled the Travon Martin case.

  • Can I nominate Spike Lee for tweeting the address of a couple in their 70s and putting their lives at risk?

  • I’m with Infidel.

    Spike Lee is a no-brainer. In every sense of the phrase.

  • LD Jackson has already nominated my favorite. Also, thanks for dropping by and advancing the thread at my place.

  • I think the Republican Party takes the cake.

  • My vote is preemptive. I nominate Justice Kennedy for thinking it is constitutional for the government to make you buy stuff.

  • Solicitor General Donald Verrilli who argued the idiot case before the Supreme Court and made an a** of himself.

  • Soledad O’Brien!

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  • Curious why my suggestion was not included. Solicitor General who argued the Obamacare case He seemed to fit the bill.

    • Your comment went to moderation, for some reason. I approved it, so it’s there.

  • Thanks for the nominations! The post will run on 3-30-12 at midnight.

  • Tough competition this month…