Trayvon Martin Update: New Details, Trashing a Walgreen’s for “Justice”


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The Trayvon Martin case is still evolving, as more and more information comes to light.  The reactions to these new tidbits is also telling.  So, let’s take a look at the latest…

It appears that Trayvon had some disciplinary problems in school.  

  • The teen was suspended from school three times
  • He was on suspension when he was shot in February, after officials caught him with a ‘marijuana pipe’ and a baggie with drug residue
  • Trayvon was kicked out of school in October for graffiti after he was allegedly caught with a ‘burglary tool’ and a bag full of women’s jewelry
  • Officials also suspended him once for skipping school and tardiness
  • Tearful parents say their son is now the victim of a smear campaign
  • New poll shows 73 percent of Americans think Zimmerman should be arrested

I really don’t see how any of those items go to whether or not Trayvon was violent, which is at the heart of Zimmerman’s case.  If there were many examples of violence in Trayvon Martin’s past, that would be relevant.  Being suspended for truancy and tardiness and comparing that to allegedly attacking Zimmerman is like accusing a jaywalker of robbing Fort Knox.  The scope of it does nothing for me.

There have been reports that Martin allegedly assaulted a bus drive, but compelling evidence has not come out (or I haven’t been able to find it).

Also, another witness has come forward, and possibly corroborated Zimmerman’s story.

Spike Lee Tweeted the address of Zimmerman, but actually, it was the address of an elderly couple!  

Not only was this sinister… It was the wrong address.
The address Spike Lee tweeted belongs to an elderly Florida couple in their 70?s… Not George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin.
The Smoking Gun reported:

With Twitter and Facebook continuing to explode with posts purporting to contain the address of George Zimmerman, property records and interviews reveal that the home is actually the longtime residence of a married Florida couple, both in their 70s, who have no connection to the man who killed Trayvon Martin and are now living in fear due to erroneous reports about their connection to the shooter.

This is why people should wait before they make judgments, or take action.  Due to his zeal to get Zimmerman killed, Lee has jeopardized the safety of an elderly couple.  That’s real classy, right?

Also, over the weekend, a witness came forth and claimed that Zimmerman did nothing to help Martin after shooting him.

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So, we have more information, but the scene is still muddled.  However, one thing is certain-had Zimmerman followed the instructions of the dispatcher, and had NOT followed Martin, Trayvon would have arrived at home with his Skittles, safe and sound, and Zimmerman would not be in hiding for fear of his life.

Of course, no quest for “justice” would be complete without ransacking a Walgreen’s!

H/T:  The Daley Gator

  • -had Zimmerman followed the instructions of the dispatcher, and had NOT followed Martin,

    He did stop following him.
    MYTH: George Zimmerman disobeyed orders not to pursue Trayvon Martin

    REALITY: After being told, “you don’t have to do that,” when Zimmerman answered that he was pursuing Martin, Zimmerman quit pursuing him. The 911 respondent asked because he could hear Zimmerman breathing heavily as he was running. After Zimmerman agrees to stop pursuit, his breath immediately returns to nomal. (Recordings are available on Wikipedia.)

    • Thanks Brock, I hadn’t heard about this when I wrote the post. The problem is that no one saw that happen. If we knew where the event happened in relation to the location of Zimmerman’s SUV, as well as the likely course of Martin towards his home, we’d be able to draw a conclusion.

  • We’re all Trayvon, right? What a joke these people are.

  • And where is president obama in all this, this is getting out of hand and obama needs to tell people to calm the heck down before innocents get killed. Does he want some sort of race riot on his hands, perhaps he thinks it’ll help him get reelected. Shameful and irresponsible.

  • Everybody down there jumped the gun on this one and it was done for political reasons because this part of Barack Obama’s divide and conquer strategy for reelection.
    We now have a potentially dangerous situation unfolding and it is all based on a false premise and what was Obama’s response? He told us we should all should reflect on ourselves, I think it is time he did the same.

  • Facts? Not in important. The important thing is to further the racial narrative and get our Dear Leader reelected.