Trayvon Martin Update: Leftist Twit Flips Out on CNN, More Information on the Police Video, and Voice Recognition


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If you want a great example of a MSM talking head being prejudicial, and an overall twit?

This guy is blasting Piers Morgan for not following the same “Standards and Practices,” that NBC aspires to when NBC engaged in selective editing of the 9-11 call?

Well, are those the “standards and practices” that NBC claims?

And, MSNBC ran a text version, which they later changed without comment, or apology.

Since then, the news channel has changed that paragraph of the story on its website so it reads as follows:

This guy looks like he’s up to no good,” Zimmerman said in a 911 call. Asked by a dispatcher if he was white, Hispanic or black, he replied, “He looks black.” (Italics supplied)

However, no one from MSNBC or NBC News has issued an apology regarding the error.

Down the memory hole, right?

While NBC is promising an investigation, I’m not particularly trusting them to do it properly.  If I were to be sarcastic, I would suggest that their focus would be on finding out how they got caught.

Also, there have been some stills released from the ABC News Video of Zimmerman in police custody…

It has been reported that Zimmerman received some treatment by paramedics at the scene, prior to being taken to the police station.  If that is true, that would explain why he might have been “cleaned up.”  However, we need verification that it happened, and what the extent of that treatment might have been.  Also, any documentation as to any injuries would be great about now.

In another twist, The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that voice recognition software indicated that the person screaming in the 9-11 call was not Zimmerman.

As the Trayvon Martin controversy splinters into a debate about self-defense, a central question remains: Who was heard crying for help on a 911 call in the moments before the teen was shot?

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A leading expert in the field of forensic voice identification sought to answer that question by analyzing the recordings for the Orlando Sentinel.

His result: It was not George Zimmerman who called for help.

Tom Owen, forensic consultant for Owen Forensic Services LLC and chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, used voice identification software to rule out Zimmerman. Another expert contacted by the Sentinel, utilizing different techniques, came to the same conclusion.

Zimmerman claims self-defense in the shooting and told police he was the one screaming for help. But these experts say the evidence tells a different story.

I would recommend that you take the time to read the entire article.

So, there is more, but this is what I would like to have, in order to make an informed decision…

1.  Where did Martin die in relation to the location of Zimmerman’s car, and Martin’s likely path back home?

2.  Did Zimmerman’s gun fail to feed the next round?

3.  Was there any evidence on Martin’s hands or clothes that would indicate that he was grabbing the gun?

4.  Did the angle of the fatal wound indicate where Martin and Zimmerman might have been in relation to one another?

5.  What was the nature of the medical treatment that Zimmerman received at the scene, and was it all documented?

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  As usual, I’ll try to keep up with the story as it continues to unfold.

H/T: Riehl World View

Note:  Post was updated on 4-1-12 @ 5:06 PM to add a link regarding NBC’s internal investigation.

  • Jim

    The voice recognition is NOT a exact science.
    We Do have a witness that says he saw Zimmerman screaming as he was having his head pounded on the side walk!
    Zimmerman may have been the hunter at one time, but when he left his car to search for Martin and came back . It could have been over… But when Martin came back, he BECAME the the hunter!

    • Thanks again Jim. I guess what I’m looking for is the full and complete story. And, due to the nature of the crime, we need full and complete information. Nothing else will do.

      The sad thing is, even if there were video of the entire incident, people would still cling to the opposite points.

    • linda

      does it matter if the tables turned and the hunter became the hunted..the answer is no!!! Even with the way the law is currently written. If someone breaks into your home and you engage in a fight, you gain the advantage and then the intruder kills you…this is the EXACT same situation. Just because someone starts to win against the aggressor, this is no way permits the aggressor to use deadly force.

      • Linda, I have never said that the Castle law applied here, and, in fact, the people that wrote that law have said that Zimmerman isn’t covered under it. Again, that is why the public needs all of the details.

  • Jim

    We DO have documentation, witnesses, (more than one},
    the fire department medical team, In the police report, everything must have jived according to the witnesses or Zimmerman would have been under arrest
    that evening! Here is the police report!

    • Thanks again Jim.

  • Some Democrats have really tried to use this as a political issue and the MSM is trying to help them out as best as they can. I find the actions of these politicians and the MSM to be beyond disgraceful and I wish they simply would wait for all the facts to come out. Of course the facts don’t really matter to them anyway.

    • You’re right. Even if they are proven to be wrong, they’ll stick with their points, because it’s all about the politics and power of a few.

  • In my view, the voice analysis does not help Zimmerman’s case.

    However, the media’s clear agenda is a worse crime than any crime that Zimmerman may have committed.

    Yesterday, I was in downtown D.C. Let me tell you that tensions are running high among some blacks that I encountered. Not all blacks! But the younger black males were edgy. A few actually glared at me (not in the inner city – in the National Mall area). For what? Because I’m white?

    Before this whole Trayvon Martin thing is over, we will see blacks perpetrating violence on whites — as revenge for “the hunting down” of Trayvon Martin. Because of so many representations by the mainstream media, any truth to the contrary of those mainstream media stories will have no relevance. NONE!

    • That’s the intent-to raise tensions. The racebaiters have to keep the tension high in order to maintain their power, money, and relevance.

  • Check out THIS NEWS STORY!

    • I’m on it AOW!

  • I have a longish post with GoogleMaps, the 911 call, the police reports, and other stuff.

    The place of death can be pinned down pretty well.

    As to Zimmerman’s movements:

    *IF* the leaked versions of Zimmerman’s story depict his story as told to the cops, and

    *IF* his car was parked where it ought to have been based on his 911 call, then

    1. Martin had several clear paths home after he ran the first time; he was roughly one hundred yards from home and had no reason to re-encounter Zimmerman unless he doubled back.

    2. The final shooting occurred roughly along the path Zimmerman would have taken when he left his car, looked for a street sign (probably a house number, since he was in the back of a row of townhouses) and returned to his car.

    However,if Zimmerman’s car is parked further ‘down’ in the complex, he might have cut Martin off. That means his story is squirelly, which proves nothing but suggests much.

    So where was his car? That has been my question, too. And the good news is, the police almost surely know. Well, if they don’t, they couldn’t investigate rodeo clowns.

    • Where the car was is key. It was raining, and if Martin was walking home with Skittles and iced Tea, he would have made a straight line home. That’s common sense. If Zimmerman’s car was in that path, it doesn’t help him, and helps the calls for prosecution. But, if Zimmerman.s car is off that likely path, it would suggest that Martin went out of his was to go after Zimmerman.

  • Jim

    According to the voice analysis, they didn’t even follow the procedures of their own processes for determining whose voice it was.
    They did not use the original tape. but a copy.
    That voice analysis stuff is something from the Enquirer on how they determined it wasn’t Zimmerman’s. Here’s the proof;

    • Thanks for the information. That’s a tricky thing. Obviously if this goes to court, Zimmerman will have to counter this.

  • Arm The Homeless

    The bigots and Conservatives (but I repeat myself) have to spin this. They may not have the same expectations for what pushing this case back under the rug will accomplish, but they both need to have this case disappear.

    This WILL be a campaign issue come November. Floridians such as myself have now been smacked in the face (my nose might be broken!) with the reality that what we all were afraid would happen when this amendment to our state constitution became law: Vigilante justice renamed to exonerate gun-owners for their crimes (read: the RIGHT shade of gun-owner).

    Racists and Bigots are losing, they will continue to lose, and after they have shuffled off this mortal coil, their children will speak in hushed tones about their hate. We will pity these fools, but we will continue to spit on your memories. The haters have lost. It’s like Sherman’s march to the sea.

    #WAR #BreitbartStillDead

    • Folks, this is a perfect example of a lib comment-full of ad hominems, and not a single statement of fact, or even an attempt at a reasoned opinion.

      The veiled threats are nice too.

  • So far I’ve seen no evidence to indicate that racism was involved but lots of evidence that stupidity was involved. The race baiters want to make it about racism.

    • Yes, it appears that there was some healthy doses of stupid here. But what we need are the facts, and they still aren’t all there!

    • linda

      ok…have you seen the police report? or heard the 911 call? He says “he looks suspicious”, now you tell me because I just saw a white man in my neighborhood running the other night in the rain with a hoody on…I didn’t think he was suspicious..Trayvon was suspicious because he was black, not because he was wearing a hoody. Although Zimmerman has previous reports on black people, none are people with hoodies. He didnt identify the hoody with being suspicious, only being black. People who say “race baiters” are racist, and clearly don’t see that racism and prejudice are still alive in America! No one wants to believe that they are being discriminated against just based on their color, its a harsh reality but as minorities we have to realize that it is still out there, cases like this show us every day. The truth is, if the roles were reversed and Zimmerman was black, and the other party was not…he would be arrested!

      • Trayvon was suspicious because he was black, not because he was wearing a hoody.

        The audio was doctored.
        NBC Is The Skittle Network

        • Brock, did you typo, or are you suggesting that the shooting was racially motivated? You’ve seemed to be in favor of Zimmerman, so that comment comes as a surprise.

          • I guess you didn’t see the link I posted…..?

            Are you*****ed off yet? You will be.

            NBC News is being excoriated in some circles – with competitor Fox News Channel leading the charge – for selectively editing audio of the 911 call placed by George Zimmerman just before he killed Trayvon Martin.

            Yep. They got caught too.

            In the NBC segment, Zimmerman says: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

            So Zimmerman is a racist, right? Uh, not quite.

            The full version, though, unfolds like this:

            Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

            911 operator: “Okay. And this guy, is he white black or Hispanic?”

            Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

            What do you call it when the media invents things? That’s not reporting folks.

          • The 911 call is covered fully in the second video. It really doesn’t surprise me, since MSNBC, in accordance with their “standards and practices,” did the video of the Tea Partier with an AR15, then went off on a rant about racism. Then, it was discovered that they only showed the back of the guy with the AR15, because he was black. So, they selectively edited the the hide the race of the guy.

      • Did you listen to the entire 911 call, or just the edited version that NBC played. The entire thing will answer some of your questions.

        • video of the Tea Partier with an AR15

          Yes, blatant dishonesty.

  • His neighbor said it was Zimmerman screaming.
    More info on one of the above comments.
    The Castle law does not apply in this instance as has been stated numerous times. Just another don’t let a crisis go to waste talking point.

    • This is another attempt to disarm people, irregardless of the castle law.

      • Yes, many vultures are circling. Also, I understand that the closest convenient store was quite some ways from the complex and where is the video of him while there?

  • aequitas

    Regardless of their credentials, I do not believe these ‘experts’. There cannot be a meaningful comparison of the 911 panicked screams to Zimmerman’s quiet speaking voice. And this is especially true given the restricted bandpass and shallow bit depth of the 911 recordings. The production of human speech is totally different from what happens in all-out primal screaming. It would be completely irresponsible to trust such pseudo-science conclusions in a critical situation like this.

    • I think there are now some doubts about the experts. More will come out, I’m sure.

    • John C

      I designed professional audio equipment and owned a recording studio. I have viewed audio samples on an oscilloscope and real-time analyzers many times. Certainly, certain voices have certain pitch and resonance characteristics but voice pitch and tones change drastically depending on the circumstances. In reading the standards from the American Board of Voice Comparison, we find the same standard:

      “Psychological state. Listening usually reveals many of the effects of an altered psychological state upon the voice. Alterations may be characterized as nervousness, over-excitement, excessive monotone, crying, and so on. The examiner should be cautious in comparing samples with major changes due to an altered psychological state.”

      • aequitas

        The ‘audio expert’ Tom Owen may be a fraud. Even if he has some audio experience, his own site explains how voice matching requires exacting samples of the same speech. Just see this article:

        The article suggests Owen is self-credentialed by one of several named ‘professional certification’ mills he operates. Another blogger credentialed his cat through one of these mills. Also Owen is selling software which he released last month, and was an ‘expert’ in a murder trial. Which is contemptible, if he is the fake he seems to be.

        The Orlando Sentinel has done a horrible injustice to publicize Owen without vetting hem, and to have written an incendiary but meaningless story repeated across the country in major papers.

        Owen could not match the screaming to Zimmerman. That is OK. No match is technically possible between screaming and speech. But by allowing that a match would be possible, Owen implies “If there is no match for Zimmerman, then of course Martin must have been the one screaming”. That is illogical, because even if Martin were screaming no match would have been possible for him either. And so the public across the country is misled and enraged.

  • Thanks John. I wondered about that also.