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We Have a Winner: Sandra Fluke Wins Useful Idiot of the Month!


And  it couldn’t have happened to a nicer feminazi!    The votes have been counted, and we have our monthly Useful Idiot.  After having some truth issues (her age),  some accuracy issues ($9 a month birth control at the local Target), and apparently cannot afford birth control (but could afford a European vacation the previous year),  she gained fame because Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a person that demanded that someone else pay for her sex life.  And, of course, that caused even more of a distraction, because as we all know, making the Catholic Church pay for birth control is a far more important topic than the economy, right?

Congratulations Ms. Fluke, you deserve it!

Linked at Theo Spark.  Thanks!

  • A just choice. Didn’t know about the European vacation. Must have been a tough choice for her.

    • Oh, I’m sure it was!

  • And that was no fluke…

    • No, it was not. Ironic and literal, wasn’t it?

  • Pefecto!

    • It is fitting. Because, as soon as the distraction is over, it’s back under the bus for the feminazis.

  • A well earned victory! Congrats to Sandra Fluke.

    • She was indeed deserving of this dishonor!

  • Don

    In the spirit of congratulations, I would like to post this video in tribute to Ms. Fluke.

    Remy: Cough Drops-The Mandate(The Sandra Fluke Rap)