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MSNBC too Lazy to Make up their own News, Let’s the Kossacks do it for them


As you all know, Manhattan Infidel is a contributor here at the CH 2.0.  His posts are ironic, hilarious, and sometimes silly, but they always convey a point.  However, what if  FOX News took one of the Infidel’s posts, and ran a story on it, as if it were “real.”  Well, that’s what MSNBC did, with a story from the Daily Kos.  Of course, I rather think that everything posted by the kossacks are unfunny attempts at satire, but the one in question was labeled as such, and the talking heads over at MSNBC ran it anyway…


Now, most of us consider MSNBC to be a rather unfunny joke, but at least they usually pretend to be a “news” outlet.

It hasn’t been a good month for the MSM, has it?

  • Harry

    I thought YOU were kidding!

    Holy crap. Normally I would say this is hard to believe…this is just delicious…

    • Matt

      Yes, it is that bad. It almost defies belief!

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire

    This wasn’t an April Fools joke, was it?

    • Matt

      No, it wasn’t. They we’re trying to be funny, any more than they try to be a legitimate news source.

  • John Carey

    Wow…what a bunch of buffoons.

    • Matt

      Aren’t they?

  • Infidel de Manahatta

    Thanks for the mention.

    Ah, the MSM. What would we ever do without them.

    As far as my posts conveying a point, I believe that point is “Send me your meds.”

    • Matt

      You’re welcome for the mention, it is well deserved.

      If the MSM disappeared tomorrow, we’d lose a ton of blogging material.