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Polar Bears Dying off? Not so Much: Another Blow to Climate Alarmists


The longer we look at the Global Cooling Global Warming Global Climate Disruption scam, the more and more it starts to fall apart. One of the iconic images of the scam is this, featuring the poor polar bears…

You see, our selfish use of fossil fuels is casuing the ice to melt, leaving the poor, defenseless polar bears without a means to hunt.  To save these poor creatures, all we have to do is submit to the nanny state!

Well, that’s not quite the case, according to our friends to the great white north…

The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.

The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That’s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears’ ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it’s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

66% higher population!  Well, that really pokes a hole in the alarmist’s claims, does it not?

The study shows that “the bear population is not in crisis as people believed,” said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut’s director of wildlife management. “There is no doom and gloom.”

So, the next time some hippie claims that you’re helping to kill polar bears by refusing to make the Goracle a billionaire, just remember this post.

Oh, and what of the ice?

Well, what do you know, for the third consecutive year, the sea ice extent has increased.  Too bad for the alarmists.  Not only are the bears not dying off, but the ice they need has increased in volume!

But don’t worry, I’m sure that alarmists will just re-fudge some numbers and come back again with more, “settled science.”

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  • I say the polar bears brought the problem upon themselves. How many polar bears you know that drive Priuses?

    Yeah, I’m looking at you polar bears! We gonna have trouble punk bears? You want a piece of me?

    • LOL! Of course, Mr. Infidel, it is either Bush’s fault, or perhaps even Sarah Palin?

  • Shhhh…Matt, haven’t you heard never to let the facts get in the way of a good story?

    • I know, I guess I can’t be a good communist.

  • There you go again, using facts to dispute global warming. How dare you do that!

    • I know, one day, if they manage to have their “revolution,” I’ll be sent to a camp to be re-educated.

  • The next step for the climate change wackos in this story….the massive swings in temp due to man made climate change will cause the sea ice to continue to increase…to the point the bears won’t be able to hunt and they will die off.

    Remember, it’s not Global Warming anymore. It’s climate change. They have all ends of this situation covered. Any change in temp is man made. That God guy some of us talk about has nothing to do with any of this.

    • Nope, it’s always man. Namely, humans that disagree with Marxism.

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