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Muslim Brotherhood Taking Over Egypt? Who Might Have Thought of That?


Remember the Arab Spring, or as I like to call it, The Tyrant Exchange Program?  I seem to recall quite a few guys on our side trying to tell the world that extremists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, would take over Egypt.  I also seem to recall saying that the leftist end of the Arab Spring were only useful idiots for the radicals, and that said radicals would eat the lefties for lunch and take over.  My sense was, and still is that while leftists can be violent, radical Islamists are far more barbaric.   The lefties were fighting for their feel good ideas that fails in application-the radicals were fighting for a blood thirsty God that orders them to take over.  Who did you think was going to win?  In the end, the advantage would logically go to the Radical Islamists.

For those predictions, we were lectured by our so called “betters,” both on the RINO, and the left.  We were told of how historic it was, and how the defeat of tyrants like Mubarek would usher in a new age of freedom and Democracy in the Middle East.

And how is that idea working out for them?  Glenn Beck nailed it back then, and he’s still at it…

No matter what you think about Beck, he was right on this one. It wasn’t hard to predict. Community organizing and Cloward-Piven can disrupt and bring a system to crisis. However, it takes something more brutal to “normalize” a situation. We’ve seen it in history-idealists almost always fade in a sea of violence and death. It happened in the USSR, in Red China, Nazi Germany…you name it. When idealists and brute force clash, brute force always wins. Even when the idealists are violent and nasty, the power hungry and brutal always comes out on top.

And sadly, it always get’s worse from there.

(One of the few places that the idealists won was her in the United States, where actual individual freedom was gained. And sadly, the current s0-called-idealists are attacking this freedom as slavery, and wish to impose slavery, and call it freedom. How ironic. But, that is a post for another time)

  • Freedombytheway

    Heck, we propped up Mubarek and paid them off. We’re still paying them off. And now, here comes Sharia Law. Hope they are so happy in the life they have chosen. It’s time to stop the paychecks.

  • Steve Dennis

    If we saw this coming how come Obama didn’t? Or did he…..

  • Bunkerville

    I am with Steve.. I say he did indeed. The old colonial remments must be removed.