Culture of Death: Is History Repeating Itself?


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We’ve been increasingly cognizant of a movement in society towards euthanizing persons that are inconvenient, or are otherwise disabled.  We saw this in a recent posts regarding bioethicicists that suggested that infanticide is an appropriate way to deal with the unwanted or inconvenient.  While these ideas have been floated over the years, they have made a strong comeback, as have been expressed openly as never before.  For a recent example, kindly look at this, from The Blaze…

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But, where have we seen this before?

…shows that the total cost of caring for 880,000 people ill with hereditary disease was 1200 million Reichsmarks, which was almost double the 713 million Reichsmarks spent on the administration of the national, state, and local government]

This poster (from around 1938) reads: “60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditary disease costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Comrade, that is your money too. Read ‘[A] New People’, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.”

Oh, that’s where.

It seems that our “enlightened” culture has caught up with…Nazi Germany.

  • Agreed, but if someone is too ill and wants to die they should be able to assuming it’s their free will.

  • We’ve seen this before and now with Obamacare the government is going to have to look for ways to save money and that is where IPAB comes into play.

  • Well, the Nazi’s were socialists. I guess that makes them progressive, enlightened, tolerant and compassionate.

    Why wouldn’t the liberals seek to emulate them?

  • Karen

    Infidel took the words right out of my mouth. (or off off my fingertips).

    @ Harrison: that’s precisely the problem. How do we keep people from being pressured by their family or medical establishment into ending it?

    The euthanasia movement is not about free will, and it never has been. They just start off claiming that they only want it for terminally ill and only at their request because they know that very few people would support their movement if they knew what it really was.

  • “Bioethicists” indeed!

  • How people can even talk about the ethics of euthanasia is beyond me. Liberals are so caring and cost conscious too!

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