Wednsday Links: Dick Clark Edition


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I wanted to thank the readers that have continued to stop by during my break, especially the ones that dropped comments.  So, I thought a special link post was needed.   Consequently, here is a special link post.  The theme is Dick Clark, who passed away yesterday.

4 Walls and a View

April 2012 ME Story: Laura Lipscombe


A Conservative Teacher

I Demand that Obama Apologize for Eating Lassie


Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread (4-18-2012)


Adrienne’s Corner

Secret Service Punished, Hillary Clinton Praised….


All American Blogger

Warning: This US Tax Code Analysis May Cause Liberal Heads to Asplode


Always on Watch

The Haters


America Speaks Ink

For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings


America’s Watchtower

Sex, cocaine, and the Secret Service, oh my!


American Perspective

Islamic death threats against former SNL star Victoria Jackson


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Ann on “Negroes With Guns”, NRA and Dem Racism


ARRA News Service

WH Plan Is “Say Anything, But Do Nothing”


Atlas Shrugs

Bosnian-Muslim Warlord and Torturer Threatens to Spill the Beans about Srebrenica “Genocide”


Bacon Time!!!!!

Beef Backribs and Pork Chops


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Fairness, Obama-Style


Beer, Guns, and Baseball

The Sun King to the Lizard King


Blogs for Borders

Go Vote On This Issue At USA Today: Can an undocumented immigrant be admitted to the Fla. Bar?



How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” ~ William Shakespeare


Bob’s Blog

It may not be a good idea to text while walking



U.S. Military Personnel Exchange Program-for what purpose?

Campus Reform Blog

WEBINAR: More Guns, Less Crime with John R. Lott Jr.


Capitol Commentary

Wacky Wednesday: Washington Post Journolists Put Story About Obamakare Increasing the Deficit on 3rd Page So It Wouldn’t Attract Attention



Zo Debunks Meme that Conservatives are Agents of Censorship


Closet Conservatives

Everyone’s to Blame


Cmblake6’s Weblog

Tonight’s thought before I go out the door


Conservative Blog Central



Conservative Hideout RapidFire

*VIDEO* Ted Nugent Rocks The NRA… Figuratively Speaking


Conservatives on Fire

“What if people in our government really are revolutionaries who want to bring down the government of the United States?”


Da Tech Guy

I’m going to venture a guess…


Don’t Tread on us

Orrin Is Upset


Doug Ross @ Journal

Hilarity: Obama tries to claim credit for Ohio’s economic resurgence, which was orchestrated by… GOP Gov. John Kasich


Eye of Polyphemus

Formspring Question #397–The Force is Strong with This One, But…Edition


Free North Carolina

Veepstakes: Washington’s Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers?


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

So Sad: TV’s Legendary “World’s Oldest Teenager” Dick Clark Has Died of Heart Attack, Rest in Peace (video)


Full Metal Patriot

Obama ate dog meat, Democrats eat crow


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Relic & Treasure-Kensington Runestone Site Find Revealed in Temerity Magazine May 1st


Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, Bitter Americans

Chuck Colson: Headed Home…


H & B

DeadPool Update: Dick Clark


Hot Air

Quotes of the day



Best .GIF ever? (or: Why I love Israel)



REVIEW: The Ford Focus Electric….



The 2012 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In


Just a Conservative Girl

Good Idea, Let’s Lower Drop Out Rates by Passing Dummies


King Shamus

Security Getting A Little Too Friendly With Bar Refaeli


Knuckledraggin my life away

Can’t say that I hate to see you go…..

Left Coast Resistance

Follow The Money . . .


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Video: Unhinged Lefties Spew Hatred, Racism, and Filth in Wisconsin


Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

If this is “into the light”


Liberty At Stake

What Ted Nugent and Jim Treacher Teach Us


Liberty Works

Obama’s Class Envy Vs Economic Reality (1)


Lonely Conservative

Video: Dennis Miller Weighs in on Secret Service Sex Scandal


Maggie’s Notebook

War Game: Israeli Air Strike Deals Severe Blow to Iran Nukes


Manhattan Infidel

Yankees Win! Teixeira Scratched!


Mind Numbed Robot

If half the Democrats in Congress are Communists, then the other 50% are…


Motor City Times

Pleading for Obama to ‘do something’ passes for editorial perspective at Detroit newspaper



Is this a joke?

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My Tea Party Chronicle



Nebraska Energy Observer

The Oval episode 1: “The Imperial City”


Nice Deb

Video: Allen West Not Backing Down From Calling Dem Progressive Caucus Communists – Tells Reporters: “Maybe You Should Do a Little Research”



My Mental War


Nonsensible Shoes

Is the nature of perception anathema to fiscal conservatism?

Nuke Gingrich

What about Tarzan movies? (nsfw)


Political Clown Parade

Money For Nothing Sucka


Political Realities

GSA Hearings Continue – More Wasteful Spending Is Revealed


Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania

See No Evil


Proof Positive

Medal of Honor


Randy’s Roundtable

The Last Ball Has Dropped


Reaganite Republican

Taliban Al Qaeda Defender Tony West Gets No. 3 Position at DOJ



What is the Cost of EPA Interference?



Greed versus Self-Interest


Republican Redefined

VIDEO: Morning Joe, Mika, MSNBC Panel Lose it After Hearing Obama Dog Eating Story



Why National Review Should Not Have Fired John Derbyshire


Right Klik

Colombian Prostitutes



Boom and Bust in Stockton, California – Bob Adelmann, The New American


rjjrdq’s America II

Global Warming Fraudsters Grasping At Straws


Sister Toldjah

RIP, Mr. Dick Clark


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

Pre-School Eco-Bullying


Soylent Green

The Ultimate Internet Metaphor


Speak Up

Christian College Kids In Cultural Crossfire


Canadien biker runs 299km/h through traffic


Start Thinking Right

Record Number Of Americans Renounce Citizenship Of Obama’s God Damn America


Tea Party America

America, Heal Thyself! … J. D. Longstreet



RIP Dick Clark — Dead at the Age of 82


Texas Fred

Patrol car recording: ‘Why did you shoot my dog?’





The Big Feed

Beat It!


The BoBo Files

Did Obama get one right??


The Camp of the Saints

A Little Hump Day Rule 5: Gabriella Grecco


The Classic Liberal

theCL Report (April 16, 2012)


The Conservative Beacon

Remembering Jimmy Doolittle’s Raiders


The Conservative Lady

Bob Beckel Just Can’t Handle the Truth


The Country Thinker

What China Can Teach Us About Liberal Politics


The Daley Gator

*VIDEO* Dry Your Eyes


The Other McCain

The 1866 Civil Rights Act

The Resistance

Today’s News & Views


The RSS Ronald Reagan

1984 Reagan Ad: Reaganomics & Mondalenomics


The Scottcarp Dream

Let Them Eat Their Own Fish


The Sentry Journal

John Stossel is interviewed by Human Events


The Silent No More Majority

Afghanistan Diary Part 5- Task Force Nomad (October 14 2011)


The TrogloPundit

Save a teacher: fire Lisa Jackson!


Theo Spark

Eco-Communism Celebrated Annually on Earth Day



Obama is Clueless


USA Partisan 2009

Banking – the Greatest Scam on Earth


Wade’s Conservative World

Twitter Hacked Again


Washington Rebel

Sunny on taxes.


Western Front America

Earth Day and the Great “Sustainability” Lie


Western Hero

Government-Sponsored Inequality


What Would The Founders Think?

The Question of a Bill of Rights



Mexican Oysters



Ask not for whom the bellwether tolls, it tolls for thee


Zilla of the Resistance

What Fresh Hell Is This? UPDATED

Have a great day folks, and thanks for the support.

  • Thanks for the link Matt!

  • Thanks for the link, Matt.

  • Dick Clark’s heart did not have a good beat to it. I give it a 6 out of a possible 10.

  • You are too kind, Matt. Thank you.

    Few people deserve to be called giants in their chosen field. Dick Clark was one of them.


  • Thanks for the link, Matt. You push yourself too hard, you know.

  • Dick Clark was always a class act, and even though his health hasn’t been good for years, I was still rooting for him. His passing makes me more sad than, oh say, that of Whitney Houston. God bless him and may he rest in peace. Thanks for the link, too, Matt.

  • American Bandstand _ those were the days!
    Thanks for the link, Matt.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I hope the break is refreshing and we will see you back soon!

  • Thanks for the link- nice tribute

  • Thanks for the link my friend. Sorry so late getting to this.