Occupod vs. Hannity


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If you want some moonbattery on display, take a look at this…

That was simply incredible. Predictable, but incredible. It has all the hallmarks of a Communist regime. For one, when the system fails, it’s always someone else’s fault. Just like when the collective farms in the Soviet Union turned the leading exporter of grain into a a nation in famine. Instead of acknowledging that the system didn’t work, the Soviets blamed others, particularly Americans, and then killed a bunch of innocent citizens for “collaborating” with the non-existent agents of imperialism. Whenever something goes wrong in a Communist state, it is someone else’s fault. The rapists were not occupiers. The vandals are not occupiers. The drug dealers and child molesters are not occupiers. Even though all of those people stayed in the camps, engaged in protests, and sometimes even were in “official” positions within the movement, it was always someone else, like DHS, or the NYPD, or even Breitbart!

We see this too in the Obama administration. Bush is to blame for everything, even for the failure of Obama’s polices.  And, when evidence is cited for the failures, that too, is explained away.

This is the face of Occupy.   This is the person that will take your freedom, and your property.  And, with history as a teacher-they will also kill many people to achieve their totalitarian “paradise.”


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  • Oh. My. Gosh!!!! That guy is 29 years old?????

    Consuming a concept? That’ll keep ya thin.

    Disgusting little squid of a fool.

    Do you think he ever gets laid? heh

  • If I may be so bold, that fellow is a total idiot. That’s the nicest thing I can think of to say about him.

  • I believe this same guy was on Hannity’s radio show the next day as well. He calls himself an anarchist and yet believes the government should provide him with everything, that seems to be a little bit of a conflict.
    Hannity asked him to name one thing Obama did to help the economy and he couldn’t do it, but he is still going to vote for him.

  • Somehow, I’m strangely reminded of someone that always does that “blame____” thing. It’s on the tip of my tongue at the back of my mind, having a bit of a time bringing it to the fore. Hmmmm, who could that be…?

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