Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act Protects Blacks, Hispanics, and Other Minorities: What the Democrats and the MSM Aren’t Telling you


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Planned Parenthood

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act failed to pass the house with the 2/3 majority needed.  Of course, the Democrats said that is was a thinly veiled attempt to thwart the first sacrament of the Tammies, namely killing babies.  Being good useful idiots, the Tammies conveniently ignored the fact that it was to protect female babies from being aborted.  And, as we all know, you prevent the “War on Women” by killing women!   And, as Live Action is showing us, Planned Parenthood is more than happy to commit Gendercide against females.

However, the failed act didn’t stop at females.  Take a look at this excerpt from the legislation itself…

7 (A) Minorities are a vital part of American
8 society and culture and possess the same funda-
9 mental human rights and civil rights as the ma-
10 jority.
11 (B) United States law prohibits the dis-
12 similar treatment of persons of different races
13 who are similarly situated. United States law
14 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race in
15 various contexts, including the provision of em-
16 ployment, education, housing, health insurance
17 coverage, and athletics.
18 (C) A ‘‘race-selection abortion’’ is an abor-
19 tion performed for purposes of eliminating an
20 unborn child because the child or a parent of the
21 child is of an undesired race. Race-selection
22 abortion is barbaric, and described by civil
23 rights advocates as an act of race-based violence,
24 predicated on race discrimination. By definition,
25 race-selection abortions do not implicate the
VerDate Mar 15 2010 20:55 May 29, 2012 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00012 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6203 E:\BILLS\H3541.RH H3541
srobinson on DSK4SPTVN1PROD with BILLS13
•HR 3541 RH
1 health of mother of the unborn, but instead are
2 elective procedures motivated by race bias.

Uh oh!  This prevents race-based abortions as well!  And not a soul is talking about it!  Considering that Planned Parenthood was founded to exterminate the “black race,” and that most of their facilities are in minority neighborhoods, would their very existence be jeopardized by this bill?

This leads to some rather interesting (and completely sarcastic) possibilities…

1.  The gay rights crowd claims that they are gay by birth, not by choice.  If that is the case, someone will eventually find the gene, or combination thereof, that makes people gay.  If they can identify the markers, they can test for them.  And, if you can test for them, you can choose to abort on that basis.  After all, the unborn have no rights, and any attempt to protect them is a “War on Women!”  Sorry gay folks, the genocide against you begins the moment the test is perfected.  It might come as some small conciliation that your extermination will appease the tammies.  Also, if you resist, seven feminazis will show up to protest you!

2.  As we all know, Tammies are often, shall we put it gently, a tad bit on the unattractive side. As Limbaugh puts it, feminism exists to create advantages for unattractive women.  Well, genetic science will likely catch up and find the genes that causes unattractiveness, which often leads women to become feminazis.  As with the gays, if there is a test, abortions can be provided.  And, since lumps of cells cannot be attractive of unattractive, it’s perfectly OK to abort them.  And, any effort to protect them is a “War on Women.”  Sorry tammies, but in a generation or so, there might be very few of you left.  Sadly, the seven feminazis available for protests will be after the gay folks for resisting their own extermination, so you’re on your own.

In reality, no one is asking for a real genocide against gays or women, unattractive or otherwise (though Planned Parenthood still seems to be working in killing off blacks).  But, the left’s own moral relativism is creating a situation in which more of their client groups can be targeted.  The blacks are already being killed.  And, it is feasible that testing could be done for any trait.  Find something you don’t want or like, and just kill it!

But, tammies, you can’t stop it without acknowledging that babies are babies, can you?

  • Good call on the hypocrisy of the left-they are merrily killing off girls babies but we are conducting the war on women.

    If only the media were not on the liberal side they would have exposed the democrats for the racists they really are.Shame on them.

  • Jim

    What goes around comes around. Oh those damn unintended consequences!

  • The unintended consequences are going to come back and bite the pro-aborts in the butt. Well, at least we moral, pro-lifers will outnumber them. So sad for the babies who will be murdered at the hands of feminazi sycophants, though.

  • This prevents race-based abortions as well! And not a soul is talking about it!

    Mark Levin recently did speak about the above. But I don’t know if any others have.