Right-minded: Move on and save the savable


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Nothing you say matters to the hardcore liberal.  I want you to say that three times and embed it in your nugget.  No matter the facts, the evidence, the history, and the reality of the world we live in your words mean absolutely nothing to those committed liberals who believe in big government solutions and a nanny-state environment.  They have signed up, drank the utopian Kool-Aid and have bought into the leftist ideology lock, stock, and barrel.

I bring this point up because of a conversation I had with a friend about his experience with family members who have bought into this flawed ideology.  He conveyed his frustration to me about how disillusioned his liberal family members had become over the years.  When he tried to offer them a conservative alternative they scoffed at the notion and ignored every word he said.  Using real world examples he tried to show them how liberalism has failed in the past and how it is failing now.  It simply didn’t matter.  At one point my friend said he believed a smaller government footprint in our lives was a good thing.  They laughed at him.  This is what we’re up against folks and to be quite honest almost 90 percent of these people cannot be saved.  The only value they add to the political conversation is to use them as examples of what not to be; closed minded and ignorant.  We need to continue to call them out when the put forth nonsensical ideas, but saving them from their own short myopic view of the world around them is simply not in the cards.

I don’t say this to be mean or uncaring.  We simply don’t have the time to waste on people like this.  You see each day that goes by there are those who can be saved slipping deeper and deeper into this liberal trap.  Whether they have lost their job and are now dependent on the scraps the government feeds them or they have found themselves in a situation where they are questioning the wisdom of our system, we must not waste our time with the hardcore left.  Very few of them will ever see things in a different light and those who eventually do are few and far between.  It usually takes some life changing event that rocks their entire belief system.  We can’t take it personal when these people laugh at us, call us names, or say we’ve been brainwashed by the far right.  We need to not worry about whether these people want to be our friends or not.  It’s about saving those who can be saved from this terrible flawed ideology that threatens our nation.  It about turning the tide against them and this is done by focusing our efforts on people who keep an open mind.

This can be a very painful journey for many of us, because it hurts to see our loved ones so misguided and misinformed about the issues.  When my friend told his family member that we can’t afford Obamacare because our country is broke, the family member just laughed at him.  It hurt him a great deal because nothing he said seemed to matter.  His opinion was garbage but his family member’s opinion was right.   My advice to him and anyone else who has experienced the same type of response is to move on.  Defend yourself and your position if attacked, but move on and waste no more precious time trying to sell the idea of individual liberty over big government intrusion.  These people have been with us since the days of the Federalist and anti-Federalist; those who wanted a strong government influence and our lives and those who did not.  If Thomas Jefferson in all his brilliance couldn’t convince John Adams of the folly of his ways in regards to the Alien and Sedition Act do you really think you’re going to change the mind of your loved one?  Instead Thomas Jefferson wasted no more time with John Adams and moved on to garner support against the Alien and Sedition Act from those who were willing to listen to his position.  In the end Jefferson won the day because he concentrated his efforts on what really mattered; building a consensus against the Alien and Sedition Act.

So to all those folks out there who have experienced the above scenario play out in your lives, my advice to you is to move on so you can start saving those who can still be saved.  Move on so we can start building a strong conservative consensus in America.  Move on so we can get on with the task of restoring America back to greatness.  Move on and don’t lose any sleep over it.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal

  • Ema Nymton


    Thank you for your condescending essay. You have clearly described your efforts to continue to want to believe in your flawed ideology over factual truths.

    “No matter the facts, the evidence, the history, and the reality of the world we live in your words mean absolutely nothing to those committed liberals who believe in big government solutions and a nanny-state environment.”

    “When my friend told his family member that we can’t afford Obamacare because our country is broke, the family member just laughed at him.” – As most objective observers would.

    Opinions are not facts.

    Your whole flawed opinionated ideology rests on factual falsehood. USA is clearly not broke and the system in USA is not broken; no matter how much you want to say it and believe it. By measurable facts like increase GDP, increased private sector hiring, increased CEO pay packages, decreased corporate taxes/tax rates, etc, the system in USA is working quite well for the few. USA is not broke because the money is here, alive and doing well.

    For you facts do not matter. USA is broke. Keep saying USA is broke. But how does your gloom and doom belief in USA being broke affect your individual ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’?

    Ema Nymton

    • Look at about 2 minutes. It explains you, and your non-answer completely.

  • Well, the above comment isproff positive of what you said, John. Finding those few that are open minded is a challenge to be sure.

  • I was involved in a conversation at work this week that highlighted exactly why what you have written is so much the truth.

    We had an older gentleman in our shop, a man I consider to be a friend, although not close. He is also one of our customers. Something was said about what Obama was doing to our country and this man was quick to ask this question. He wanted to know how or why we felt America was better during the Bush administration than it is now. I backed out of the conversation because I figured out we were wasting our time by trying to convince him how badly Obama has totally screwed things up in less than four years.

    He offered his own explanation of why he felt this way. “I am a died-in-the-wool liberal”, he said. “And nothing is going to change that.”

    Nothing we could say, no matter how many facts we showed him, he was not going to change is mind.