Are you a staunch defender of liberty?


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Sentry Journal had a good post the other day that got me thinking- are there any real difference today between the Obama-led Democratic Party and the Tories of colonial times?

…You see the actions of our elected representatives are in complete contrast of the actions these men took 236 years ago. Our elected representatives to include the President are the kind of ilk our founders were declaring independence from. We’re living with the same type tyrannical forces that were oppressing the rights of the colonists in the 1770s. Our government confiscates our property through taxation, they overregulate our free market, they can now hold our citizens indefinitely without due process, and the TSA can conduct illegal searches and seizures in violation of the 4th amendment. They are now planning on fly drones over our heads to spy on us. Our government is attempting to manage every aspect of our lives and the officials who we elect to represent our views are allowing it to happen. Now compare all this anti-liberty actions that are being imposed on the American people every day to the actions the British imposed on the colonists. I say we’re far worse off today than the colonists were in 1776.

There is not an ounce of courage left in D.C. these days to promote the cause our founders put their lives on the line to secure. And the reason for this is because we no longer elect liberty loving, virtuous people into office…

… Are they staunch defenders of liberty? Would they be willing to pledge their lives and fortunes for it? The answer is no. These are the kind of people are founders opposed. These people are the modern day equivalent to the Loyalist or Tories of colonial times. They were loyal to the crown of England and stood against the men who signed the declaration. They stood against liberty and freedom. They even took up arms against the Patriots in the name of King George. They used some of the vilest of tactics to discredit the movement for liberty and freedom….

Are you a staunch defender of liberty?

This is an important question that our Founding Fathers answered and that needs to be asked of all our elected officials today. Given the option of governing us (perhaps in their own mind better than we govern ourselves) or given the option of letting us be free to make our own choices, which would an elected official choose? Given the option of levying a tax on us to raise money for some project that the elected official (or king) believes is important or letting the people keep their money and do with it as they wish, what option would the elected official choose? Given the option of disarming common people and stationing troops among them (supposedly for their own protection) or having common people arm themselves and protect themselves, which option would the elected official choose? Does the elected official believe that some people are better than other people, or do they believe that all men are equal and free?

These questions are the very questions that were asked our Founding Fathers in 1776, and they wrestled mightily with the answers before putting their names to a piece of paper that declared to everyone that people are, and of right ought to be, free and independent, that the purpose of government is simply to protect god-given natural rights, and that these rights are the right to live, the right to freedom and liberty, and the right to keep and earn property. Our nation was born from these glorious and eternal truths- I wonder today if the Obama-Democrats believe in these any more?

UPDATE: Welcome readers from the FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems, who have been lately visiting my blog! Although it does make me curious as to why you are reading blog posts on my site during company time from taxpayer computers, I am sure you are just trying to gain some insight into the foes of tyranny that seek to do America harm, so it’s probably all good. If I can be of any help fighting terrorism, enforcing the law, tracking stolen property, or exposing criminal organizations, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher