Trying to Cope with Stupidity


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Folks, I understand that not everyone can be intelligent. But, stupidity seems to have reached epidemic proportions in the world today and America has not escaped this tragedy. This seems to be particularly true for those on the left side of the political spectrum

Like me, most of you have probably seen some videos put up by conservatives that have gone viral. One was of a woman who was more than a little emotional because she had gotten a Obama phone. The other video I have in mind was where a sneaky conservative was interviewing Obama supporters at some rally. When asked if they agreed with Obama’s decision to name Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. They said they thought that was a good decision. The follow-up question was if they thought Obama picked Paul Ryan because Ryan was black or because Ryan was a very capable man? Some responded it was because Ryan was a good man and others responded that the decision was probably based on a little bit of both of the suggested reasons. It scares me that people that stupid have the right to vote.

So, we have universal suffrage in America and we must then accept that stupid people can and will vote. There are other people on the Left for whom it is difficult to know if they are stupid or they are evil.  A case in point  is that bearded wonder, the “crapweasel” who is a Nobel laureate in economics and is allowed to write Op-Ed articles for the New York Times, Paul Krugman. Now, it would be difficult to claim that Dr. Krugman is stupid. So, is he evil or has his ideology been so ingrained in him that logic can not penetrate the firewall that it has constructed in his brain? In his recent Op-Ed piece he wrote, he explains that Republicans are convinced that this election is going to be a referendum on Obama’s handling of the economy and that because the economic indicators are not good, republicans are sure that Romney will win. Of course, Krugman dismisses this Republican view-point. He agrees that this election will be a referendum; but one of a different sort.

Yet there is a sense in which the election is indeed a referendum, but of a different kind. Voters are, in effect, being asked to deliver a verdict on the legacy of the New Deal and the Great Society, on Social Security, Medicare and, yes, Obamacare, which represents an extension of that legacy. Will they vote for politicians who want to replace Medicare with Vouchercare, who denounce Social Security as “collectivist” (as Paul Ryan once did), who dismiss those who turn to social insurance programs as people unwilling to take responsibility for their lives?

Krugman is confident, as he says the polls show, that the voters will vote to continue the gravy train (my words not Krugman’s). He goes on to lament that Obama in his second term will continue to be obstructed by Republicans in Congress and, therefore, will not be able to deliver all that the voters want.

This is what is worrying me, dear friends. It is bad enough that as the video mentioned earlier demonstrate, there are a lot of stupid people within the American electorate; but on top of that we have people who know better, like Paul Krugman, who are saying “it’s okay “stupid people” vote for Obama because you deserve all the free stuff you can get.”

Here is a question for you. If we do manage to elect Mitt Romney in November, is it possible to do something about our education system and educate away some of the stupidity that exist? I am not so sure. There is an old refrain that says: if you take a man who is an idiot and give him the very best education (say like at Columbia and Harvard) that what you end-up with is an educated idiot.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

  • I agree that there needs to be better education for the people and future voters of the United States. However, what scares me with that is that many of today’s public school teachers all seem to have been indoctrinated with the far left agenda and would pass this off to our children.

    • You are so right, Jackie. Until we get the federal government out of the education business and get parents to take an active interest in their children’s education, nothing will change.