Informed Voter: When Trust Collides with Reality


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When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 people threw their support behind hope and change.  They placed their trust in Obama to usher in a new age of bipartisanship and unity.  After all he was the man said who said we were all Americans no matter whether we came from blue or red states.  People were inspired by his words and believed he would reduce the debt, save the economy, end the wars, and change the way business was conducted in Washington.  They chanted “yes we can” and embarked on a quest to get the man who would be America’s savior elected.

Not only was Obama elected but the people gave him a super majority in congress to achieve his goal of the fundamental transformation of America.  Four years later we now know what the President’s vision of fundamental transformation is; massive debt, diminished America standing in the world, the takeover of the healthcare system, loss of our triple “A” credit rating, high unemployment, high energy and gas prices, the massive printing of money, and a nation that is more divided than united.  This is the transformational reality we’re living in each day.  And this reality flies in the face of the hope and change Obama promised to bring to Washington and America.

People feel this reality when they try to stretch a dollar that no longer has the value it did four years ago.  They feel this diminished purchasing power in the increased price of food, goods, and gas.  They trusted the President and his party to change the tone in Washington.  They trusted the President to make things better and the reality is things are far worse for the middle class.  Those we placed our trust in can’t even agree on passing a budget and a budget is the first step you must take to get your spending under control.  It creates parameters an organization must stay within when they conduct business.  When reality is in conflict with the trust we’ve bestowed upon our elected officials, Americans are in conflict with themselves.

No one likes to feel duped or taken advantage of and that’s exactly what has happened.  You’re not alone because politicians have been making empty promises to the voters since the Roman Republic.  People want to believe the lie because the truth can be a hard pill to swallow.  We want the unicorn/rainbow version of the truth because it’s easier to relinquish our responsibilities and turn them over to a single point of contact so we can blame someone else when it all comes apart.  This is why we continue to reelect senators and representatives who sell us this sunshine version of the truth.  It makes us feel better about us and removes any responsibility we have as citizens.  This must change.

We must stop placing all our trust in politicians who will say and do anything to hold on to power.  We must empower ourselves and take the time to research the issues.  We must stop listening to the talking points and the media and become informed on the issues that matter to all of us.  When you are informed, campaign ads become less effective because it’s harder to pull the wool over the eyes of an informed voter.  Calling Mitt Romney a liar just doesn’t get it done because you already have the facts behind his tax plan.  And this is a place I would think most voters would like to be because an informed voter is indeed dangerous to the status quo.  We have the power to change this reality we live in and change it we will.  The more Americans who step up and take responsibility for their vote, the better America will be.  And that’s a goal worth achieving

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal

  • Good advice and I hope people are listening, you need to change this government, otherwise you’re really done for. Imagine what he’ll do with another 4 years and no one to answer to.