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Former Senator, Arlen Specter, Dead at age 82


Arlen Specter, long time US Senator from Pennsylvania has died at age 82.  Specter was a divisive figure among Conservatives, as he tended to vote for large government programs that made problems worse, not better.  Here is some AP video, via The Blaze…

In the end, Specter switched parties, and quite frankly, no one noticed the difference.  While I certainly feel for Specter’s family, as they obviously loved him, we cannot forget that Specter was a perennial champion of big government.  And, in the last election, his political career ended as the Democrats he allied himself with did not hand him the primary victory, and  he did not even get to run against a Republican.

H/T:  The Other McCain

  • Don

    Since I am not a braid dead liberal, I wish death upon no one. He has a family that misses him and loves him, I am sure. But that being said, on the political front, I shan’t think he’ll be missed much.

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