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Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Edition Volume 38


It’s Sunday again, and just in case Joe Biden’s grin has finally been deleted from your cranium, hold on to your hats, because he’s in some of the Facebook friends pics.  It’s another great selection of links for the CH 2.0, so click on the links.  And, enjoy the links pics from my Facebook friends.  Oh, and yes, I actually went back to count the Facebook Friends posts, and got the correct number.  Frankly, it was getting tedious to come up with a different name each week, so it’s back to the sequence.

A Conservative Teacher






Adrienne’s Corner


All American Blogger

American Perspective


America’s Watchtower


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings


ARRA News Service


Ask Marion

Atlas Shrugs


Bacon Time!!!!!


Blogs for Borders




Bob’s Blog



Capitol Commentary




Caught Him With a Corndog


Cmblake6’s Weblog

Conservative Blog Central


Da Tech Guy


Daily Pundit


Doug Ross


Eye of Polyphemus

Forgotten Liberty


Free North Carolina


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone


Full Metal Patriot


Fuzzy Logic

Gulag Bound


H & B




Hot Air


Infidel Bloggers Alliance







Just a Conservative Girl


King Shamus

Knuckledraggin my life away


Left Coast Resistance


Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion


Liberty At Stake


Lonely Conservative

Maggie’s Notebook


Manhattan Infidel


Mind Numbed Robot


Motor City Times


Mulieris Dignitaten

My Tea Party Chronicle


Nebraska Energy Observer


Nice Deb




Nonsensible Shoes

Nuke Gingrich


Political Clown Parade


Political Policy


Political Realities


Present Discontent

Proof Positive


Radio Patriot


Randy’s Roundtable


Reaganite Republican





Republican Redefined


Right Klik


Right Wing Theocrat



rjjrdq’s America II


Sister Toldjah


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue


Soylent Green


Speak Up



Start Thinking Right


Stix Blog


Tea Party America



Texas Fred


That Mr G Guy


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings




The Augur’s Well

The Big Feed


The BoBo Files


The Camp of the Saints


The Classic Liberal


The Conservative Beacon

The Conservatory


The Country Thinker

The Daley Gator


The Other McCain


The Political Commentator

The republican Mother


The Sentry Journal


The TrogloPundit


Theo Spark



U.S. Common Sense


USA Partisan 2009


Western Front America


Western Hero


What Would The Founders Think?





Zilla of the Resistance

Obama Doesn’t Have A Big Enough Bus

Have a great Sunday, and click on the links!

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  • Zilla

    Thank you, Matt, for including me in yet another awesome and amazing link-around! I still don’t know how you manage to do it – it would take me a week to assemble such a post!

    • Matt

      No problem Zilla!

  • John Carey

    Thanks for the link my friend. Great round up.

    • Matt

      You are Welcome John!

  • LD Jackson

    Thanks for including Political Realities in your roundup of links. I really like the picture of the soldier. Very fitting, indeed.

    • Matt

      Thanks to you Larry, I do like that pic as well.

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  • Maggie@MaggiesNotebook

    Thank you Matt. So proud to be listed here. What a great roundup and your graphics are a complete list of all the reasons not to vote for Obama.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the kind words, Maggie. And you are most welcome for the link.

  • Always On Watch

    Biden disgraced himself and the Democratic Party in the debate on Thursday night.

    However, now I see that the Obama campaign is promising that Obama will be aggressive when he debates Romney this week.

    I have to wonder: Is what Joe Biden did in the debate with Paul Ryan some kind of set up? Maybe. I put nothing past the Dems!

    • Matt

      You can never put anything past them. But, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure that if they couldn’t dig up anything in Romney’s past, they’ll make it up.

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  • steve

    Thanks for the (per usual) epic linkage.

    • Matt

      No problem Steve!

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  • Steve Dennis

    Thanks for the link Matt!

  • Teresa Rice

    Thank you for the linkage Matt. Have a fantastic week!

  • KingShamus

    Ayn Rand is smoking a cigarette! Bloomberg is gonna shut you down. ;-p

    Thanks for the linkage, sir.