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Sandra Fluke Only Draws a dozen Attendees


If you listen to the liberals, Sandra Fluke is a hero of feminism.  Allegedly slandered by Rush Limbaugh, Fluke was made a hero by the leftists, and their lapdog media.  Unfortunatelky, the Democrats must be believing their own narrative, as Fluke went out to rally voters against Mitt Romney.  However, Fluke apparently equates with “flop,” as evidenced by the attendance at the event.  Sooper Mexican has more…

Apparently Sandra Fluke was only able to get TEN PEOPLE to show up to one of her speaking engagements:

Here are some Tweets from the scene.

The first is from Reno…

And the second is from Carson City…

This reminds me of the monster NOW protest against Limbaugh.  If you recall, the Tammies predicted tens of thousands of angry women, but in reality, there were about seven! 

Rush will probably refer to them as the NAGnificent Seven:

Seven women participated in the National Organization for Women’s day of protest against Rush Limbaugh in front of Limbaugh’s D.C. affiliate WMAL, Friday.

NOW’s national protest day had been in the works since April 19, when the women’s advocacy group launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Pairing with media watchdog Media Matters for America NOW is targeting local affiliates and local advertisers, Friday’s demonstration was touted as the group’s big demonstration of opposition to Limbaugh with affiliates across the country participating in protests.

The Daily Caller put the number of protesters at seven, but a less biased spokesperson for NOW estimated the crowd size at around 50,000.

Is it possible that the alleged 50,000 were somehow somewhere else, very tiny, or invisible?  It is possible.  For “balance,” I went to the tammy website, and found their photos.  None of the photos show more than 4-5 tammies.

Um, I think this all means that the entire Limbaugh Fluke flap was complete hype on the part of the left and their media servile media.  If real people actually wanted the government to pay for $9 birth control, there would have been a crowd.  But, as usual, reality smashed the liberal narrative.

Note:  The Tweets shown here are screen-captures from Sooper Mexican.