Benghazi Update: Drone Overhead During Attack


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It seems that the more that comes out about Benghazi, the worse it looks for the Obama Administration.  Yesterday, we learned that while the attack was ongoing, there was drone coverage overhead.  It was being watched, and there was obviously real-time information in the hands of the administration.  CDN Has more…   

On the eve of the final Presidential debate, CBS reported the US had drones overhead watching the attack at Benghazi.  ”Watched” is the key word here, “watched” for seven hours.   This attack was not over in minutes.  So what if anything, did the “powers that be” do during these seven hours?  The answer seems to be “what they didn’t do”.  According to Retired CIA officer Gary Berntsen, who commanded CIA counter-terrorism missions targeting Osama bin Laden:

“You find a way to make this happen,” Berntsen says. “There isn’t a plan for every single engagement. Sometimes you have to be able to make adjustments. They made zero adjustments in this. They stood and they watched and our people died.”

The “new & improved” spin coming out of the Obama Administration, (yes they are changing the “story again”), goes something like this: “we are gonna stand by this narrative– this attack is somewhere between a spontaneous event where well armed and well trained “individuals” (don’t call them terrorists!) capitalized on heightened protests in the region whereas these individuals took to the streets with military grade weapons and  stormed our Consulate, whereas four Americans were killed.”

Let’s stress the fact that this was going on for SEVEN FREAKING HOURS!  That was seven hours in which some intervention could have been launched.  That was seven hours in which something…ANYTHING could have been done. Could you imagine the coverage if Obama had an “R” after his name?  It would lead every news broadcast, and be at the top of the front page of every liberal newspaper.  It would dominate coverage for days.  While CBS reported this, there hasn’t been massive coverage on the other networks. With every gaffe, with every blunder, and with all of the negative consequences of this administration, not only do we see the liberalism, but we also see the complete dishonesty and worthlessness of the media.

  • The fact that this attack went on for seven hours is an aspect of this story that has been lost. There was plenty of time to bring in the airforce to help with the situation on the ground and yet Obama did nothing but go to a fundraiser and go to bed. Disgusting!