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Lena Dunham “Your First Time” Campaign ad Ripped from Putin?


In the event you haven’t seen the “Your First Time” ad, here it is-in all of it’s creepy and pervy  glory.

So, dowdy, chunky women with short hair equate their “first time” with voting for Obama?  Apparently, they have suffered great disappointment as a result.  Perhaps they should have chosen a man that wasn’t full of empty promises?

At any rate, it appears that the Obama camp wasn’t exactly creative in the process of making this ad.  It seems that team Putin did this first…

And, you can make the obvious comparisons regarding the “stars” of these videos.

I wonder why Lena didn’t mention that Obama mentioned having “greater flexibility” after the election?

Also, Sister Toldja, a blogger that is proudly featured in out blogroll, posted the following on her Facebook page, with hilarious results…

H/T:  The Lonely Conservatives

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire

    Surely that person is not representative of American women. That is sick!