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What Has Happened To The Leadership Of America’s Armed Forces? When Did The Idea Of America Die?: Update


It’s Sunday and normally this page is dedicated to the poems of The Bard of Murdock. You will find the Bard’s poem to the right. It is well worth your time to read. I am posting today because there is rage roaring inside of me that will not subside. Ever since the Fox News story broke on Friday that our CIA operatives, ex-Navy Seals at the Benghazi Consulate annex asked permission to go to the aid of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens and were told TO STAND DOWN! Not once but twice. Row of those Navy Seals,  Tyrone Woods and  Glen Doherty, disobeyed that second order TO STAND DOWN and went to the consulate anyway to try to find and protect the Ambassador. They could locate the Ambassador but they did get several people out of the consulate and then fought their way back to the annex which was then under attack.  They requested reinforcements and an air strike. They had the motor that the terrorist were setting up painted with a laser. The air support never came. The fought on for six more hours before being killed by a direct hit from the motor.

Why were Woods and Doherty told  TO STAND DOWN and not go to the aid of Ambassador Stevens? If they had been allowed to go, our Ambassador and Sean Smith may have been saved.. Why was no attempt made to give our men the air support they requested?

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, says that those who are criticizing the decisions taken are a buch of Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Really? Is that what we are? Leon Panetta says they didn’t have enough intel to act. Really? When did a commander ever have more information than you and your Generals had, Mr. Secretary of Defense? You had live communications with our operatives in the thick of the battle. You had real time visuals of the attacks from our drone overlooking the battle. What more intel did you and your Generals need, Mr. Panetta? We are told that there were two drones. That the second drone relieved the first drone probably so it could return to base to refuel. We are left to assume these drones were not armed. Why then didn’t the first drone get armed and return to aid our men? If we had no arms for our drones in Libya, WHY NOT?

Yesterday a commenter at America’s Watchtower by the name of Sonny said this:

Latest news is the 3 generals involved with decisions in Benghazi have stated that “we didn’t have enough intel to go in”. The general has stated that they can’t just ‘blindly’ send in troops into a situation that they don’t have full details on….

I have not been able to find a source about what these three Generals said. If it is true, those three Generals should resign immediately and they  should be Court Martialed for dereliction of duty. Who were these three Generals? Was one of them General Dempsey?

My heart breaks for the families of those who died in Benghazi. I am ashamed of the leadership of this administration. In the opinion of this humble observer,  the Secretary of State, the Director of the CIA, the Secretary of Defense, and the Commander-in-Chief should all resign in shame. Where was our Commander-in-Chief? We are being told he was not aware of any requests for help in Benghazi. Really? Why was he not aware? Was he not in the WH Situation Room? If not, why not?

What message is the high command of our Armed Forces and the Commander-in-Chief sending to the men and women they expect to protect America’s interests? The message they are sending is if you get in trouble and we don’t have perfect information about your situation, you will be left on your own because we won’t send any kind of reinforcements. When did the idea of America die?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Update with a hat Tip to Blue’s Blog

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


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