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Make the Right Choice This Tuesday: My Closing Arguments


In this election you have a choice- to vote to loot your fellow man in the hopes that some of that wealth may find its way to you, or to vote to elect moderate and responsible individuals who will limit the power of government so that you may live your life as the free and prosperous individual that God intended you to be.

You see, God created you all free and equal, and then we all agreed to create a government that would protect our basic rights to life and liberty and  protect our property rights. Moderate and responsible men and women are then elected into office to manage this limited government and manage the institutions of government that protect our rights and liberties.

But some people feel that the purpose of government is something different- that some men are superior to others because of their birth or so-called ‘intelligence’ and that their superiority puts them in a position to take wealth from others and give it to who they want or deny you freedoms and liberties or control important decisions regarding your own life. These people do not believe that we are all equal and equally free to make decisions, and so they vote for those who promise them unequal results for their own decisions.

There are those out there who say that you should vote for love of country– what they are saying is that in this election you should vote for those who love what America was traditionally about- it’s values, beliefs, traditions, and institutions. These people want to trust to civil society and private charities, loosen regulations and taxes on businesses so that an individuals can make choices, to let people take responsibility for their own actions by not getting the government involved, and not get government involved in determining traditional values that govern our society. They want to get people off of government help and working- working hard and working long hours and working for whatever wages they earn- so that they can make their own way in the world, whatever way that is.

But these people are opposed by others who are running for office who want you to vote for revenge- they want to use the power of the state- to use its ability to use force to make others follow its directions- to get revenge on all those who are perceived by you as having done you some sort of wrong. Your decisions and choices, freely made over your lifetime, may not have resulted in a perfect world, and there are some politicians out there who are promising you that if you simply give them more power over others than they can make your world more perfect by taking property rightly earned by others and giving it to you in the form of loans or bailouts, by preventing people from making their own choices regarding healthcare or what sort of automobile to buy, or by using the massive power of the state to put in place new traditions and new values reflecting the beliefs of those who are in power. They wantmore people to be dependent on the government, sitting at home collecting wealth that they didn’t earn, even though that wealth is meager, letting their skills and education atrophy and damaging any future that they have.

The truth of the matter is that our nation is approaching a historic pivotal point, whether through immigrants who are not assimilating, an education system that is failing, laziness and carelessness of our parents in passing down values and beliefs, peer pressure by the lawless and tyrannical nations of the world, or circumstances and bad luck. We have two paths in front of us, as we have ever had- one path which taken which may seem harder and longer but in reality leads to prosperity and freedom, and the other path which seems bright and shiny but is proven to be lined with fools gold and only lit by the fires from below. The support for these two paths is about even today.

And there are those politicians on both sides who call for you to take one of these paths. Some are moderate and restrained with their calls, but none-the-less through the policies that they push for they are asking you to either protect the freedoms and liberties and property of people or to take away the freedoms and liberties of people.

As I sit here with my Bible, thinking about what I may say that may help guide your votes, I think of the two highest profiles campaigns and what they represent- one candidate speaks of going big again and doing big things once more, and the other has gone small and talks only of small and petty sayings and rhetoric. Go big or go home, my dad always says, and I think in this election we need to make a big and bold decision to vote once more for freedom and liberty and property protections, even if that means that you are voting against someone who you think ‘helped you’ by looting property from others to give to you. We can all be richer, more free, and more happy if we make the right choice this election.

So let me translate all this rhetoric into recommendations for you all for your voting choices tomorrow. I’m from Michigan, so you’ll have to rely on your own counsel if you are from another state, and I still keep a lot of my contacts in Oakland County, even though I know live near Flint.

Make the right choices this Tuesday. Make sure your friends and family know what the right choices are and encourage them to vote that way. Together this Tuesday, let’s do the right thing.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher


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