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Voter Fraud or Problems Reported Today: Link Roundup


Here are some links to storied about some voter fraud, or problems today.  They were collected from Bad Blue, which should be the news aggregator of choice for every blogger.

Texas: #Dems In Houston Offer Obama Phones In Exchange For Obama Votes


Poll Worker Tells U.S. Senate Candidate She Has to Vote Democrat All the Way Down the Ballot


Breaking: Republican Inspectors Being Tossed From Polling Stations in Philadelphia


Election Day shenanigans: ballots shredded, voters ferried, Black Panthers return


Election Judge Wears Obama Hat in Obama’s Home Ward


And so it begins… R poll Inspectors being thrown out of Philly polling stations?


Obama ‘Hope and Change’ mural inside polling place in Philadelphia

GOP Poll Observers Being Blocked in North Carolina


New Black Panthers Up To Old Tricks? 


Obama Mural at polling place not covered, GOP poll watchers evicted 


GOP inspectors reportedly kicked out of multiple Philadelphia polling places; Update: Court reinstates inspectors


Problems already in Pennsylvania [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]


Pundit Press: Black Panthers Intimidating the Vote in Philadelphia (With Video and Pictures)


New Black Panthers also in Ohio; Unconfirmed reports of former Navy SEALs heading to Ohio, Pa. to guard against voter intimidation 


Philly poll workers partially cover Obama mural after court order, leaving logo and quote in view


They’re Back! New Black Panthers At Philly Polling Places


Pundit Press: FRAUD: Democrat- “Already Voted Twice Today, Once in MO, Once in KS”


Nevada Unions Forcing Illegals To Vote


Federal Job Corps Vans Used to Bus Voters in Wisconsin – 2012 Election – Fox Nation


Democrat Double Voter Caught in North Carolina 


Election Day Watch – Dem Shenanigans And Hopeful Signs


Voter fraud: People go to vote, ballots already cast in their names; Others vote more than once 


Democrats Suppress Military Vote Yet Again: You owe it to yourself to vote today, because not everyone has that

I’ll try to stay on top of this over the next day or two, as the stories continue to come out.



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