Obama Wins Second Term: Some Quick Reactions


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Well, I was terribly wrong. Barak Obama has won a second term as POTUS. While I think myself, and many of my fellow bloggers were correct about polls and enthusiasm, the Obama Campaign apparently were able to reach voters that were “under the radar,” and get them to the polls. While fraud was also likely a factor, solid evidence won’t likely come until well after the matter was decided. Also, the MSM had a role, as it had the entire first term. Especially when it came to the cover-up of the Benghazi massacre and FEMA’s failure in the aftermath of Sandy.

While the emotions are running high (or low, as the case may be) at the CH 2.0 bunker, I have to maintain some dignity, and will try to maintain some control and dignity. That being said, the blog will serve some slightly different purposes…

  • To cover how Obama and his policies will wreck what’s left of the country. Expect me to remind Obama voters of their choice when they lose their jobs, healthcare, have their hours cut to avoid ObamaCare penalties, and how inflation will increase. All the negative consequences will be displayed.
  • I will continue, or go back to, making posts about the ideas of human freedom. Ideas can kill, or essentially poison a socialist state, and I will inject as much of it as humanly possible.
  • In the end, America has selected failure and dependency as a way of life. Frankly, I see no way to correct that. So, I will discuss the damage done by it.
  • I will blog until it either no longer suits my purposes, or some government action bans it. Then, I’ll find another way to do it.

As always I will not advocate violence. It’s over. No need to complicate it by acting like leftists.

We’ll get into the particulars later. I’m going to bed.

  • The turning point has been reached and passed. I will continue to blog and try to remain cheerful. Until the internet is regulated by the government of course.

  • It is done. Finished. The blind choose to remain so,

  • I agree with you Matt, we cannot give up the fight and we must still expose Obama for as long as we can. I’m not stopping until they shut me down, it may be over but we can’t stop now!

  • Don

    Sure as hell is disheartening. But as much as I cheerleaded for Romney once he got the nomination, in my heart of hearts I knew that when you put up a moderate, you fail.

    We did and we did.

    Senate in 2014 and New Blood in 2016