Divide and Conquer Still Works


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And, elections do have consequences

Well, this is not the post I thought I would be writing today. And, after twenty years of living outside of the country, this is not the America, or rather the Americans, I thought I knew. In the America I remember, a president who drove the economy into the ground, who passed a health care law that no body wanted and which will further injure the fragile economy, who totally destabilized the Middle-East, who left four Americans, including an Ambassador, to dir in a hell hole in Libya to die, who talk about the reason to vote as a chance to get revenge, who for four years pitted one group of Americans against an other group; that president would never of had a chance to be reelected. That president would have been defeated by a landslide.

Clearly the America I remember has changed. Americans have changed. I do not like this new America. And, frankly, I am ashamed of the just over 50% of American voters who voted to return to office the worst president in American history. I have never felt that way before when my candidate didn’t win. This election was different. This election was to decide the fate of our nation and quite possibly that of Western civilization. I belive that! It was totally understandable when Americans elected Barack Obama in 2008. Yesterday¡s election is not understandable, at least not to me.

The Strategy of Divide and Conquer Still Works

The strategy of divide and conquer is a s old as time. Barack Hussein Obama, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and others proved once again that this strategy still works. They pitted women’s rights against conservatism, they pitted blacks and minorities against a nation founded by rich white racists, they pitted gays against traditional American values, they pitted Islam and political correctness against Jews and Christians, and they pitted the rich against everyone else. They even pitted success against failure. The divided this country like I have never seen before. In so doing, they won the right to continue their failed policies for another four years.

Elections Have Consequences

Chief Justice Roberts, in his writing of the majority opinion on the Affordable Care Act said that elections have consequences and that the Court could not protect people from the consequences of their votes.

The consequences of yesterday’s votes will not be long in coming. The Lame Duck Congress will now have no choice but to face up to the Fiscal Cliff in front of our nation. The debt ceiling will be raised again. Obamacare taxes our in our immediate future. Most of the so-called Bush Tax Cuts will be allowed to expire. Payroll taxes will likely resume. Taxes on the rich, including Capital Gain taxes will increase, the sequestration package will have to be revisited; especially as it affects military’s budget. And, America will likely see its credit rating down graded again.

America as we have known it will not die a sudden death. America, like Europe, will continue to spin around the drain of mediocrity. I already live in a third world country. You, my friends will get a taste of what that means in the decade ahead. Some day in the future the world’s monetary system will collapse and that will be a tragedy of epic proportions. Out of that tragedy a new world order will eventually emerge. What will it be? Nobody knows.

Is this the end of the Republican Party? Will that be one of the consequences of this election? probably not; but, in my opinion, it should be. What good is a Republican Party that could not defeat the worst president ever? There will be a lot of finger-pointing. One of the principle targets will rightly be the media.  Objective honest reporting has become the exception rather than the rule. Most of the media has been bought and paid for and are now nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. I do not see that changing any time soon. Although alternative media will continue to grow in influence, the zombies will continue to watch their televisions and therefore, will continually be bombarded with liberal propaganda.

What will become of conservative blogging? Most of us sprang to life after the 2008 election and were energized even more after the 2010 elections. I will bot be surprised if some of the bloggers I have followed stop writing all together. Others will probably post less often. For those who have blessed me by participating in the discussions here at Conservatives on Fire can be sure that I will continue to write about politics, the economy, and continue opining for what that is worth. Unlike most blogger, who have a life apart from blogging, this blog is a central part of my life. Health reasons restrict my activities, so you can be sure I will still be here if you want to come by and see what the old man is ranting about now. I strongly believe that the resistance must continue.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire