Election 2012: America Votes for Free Stuff


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Give me Free stuff!

President Obama has been reelected.

Yes.  You heard correctly.  President Obama has been reelected.

Four years of recession.

Four years of scandal.

Allies insulted.

Enemies bowed to.

Ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets.

Debt increased by five billion.

Obamacare set to take effect.

All this.

And America still reelected a small, petty, vicious man who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the mainstream media.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the Death Panels.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the Muslim world.  First amendment?  It insults Allah!

I look forward to the rioting when the United States defaults on its debt.

If this election has taught us anything it is that we must destroy the Republican party.

We must never vote Republican again.

It’s time to “Whig” them.  Let the party disappear.  A new party is necessary.

Once there was a country dedicated to individual liberty and limited government.

Once there was a country that had a constitution, a thing of beauty.

But America has chosen free stuff.

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That is the secret of Barack Obama’s victory.

Too many people now suck off the Federal Teat.

Socialism is an evil system.  It doesn’t make the poor richer.  It makes the rich, and the middle class poorer.

Our government will grow larger.

Individual freedom will disappear.

The all powerful state will tell us how to think.

The all powerful state will dictate our conscience to us.

Religious liberty is dead.

Catholics voted for Obama.

Women voted with their lady parts.

Our new religion is the state.

Our new religion is the Democratic party.

Its sacraments are taught in our schools.

Its priests are worshiped as holy men.

The media are its propaganda wing.

Once there was a great country called America.

But we settled for having Europe like us.

We settled for being Europe.

In the next four years as our debt piles up, as unemployment increases,  as the middle east kills more ambassadors  I don’t want to hear anyone complain.

We asked for this America.

We deserve it.

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel

  • RealAmerican

    We DIDNT ask for is — it was sohved up our asss just like obama care. It’s called election fraud. pure and simple. Hmmm…Saddam Hussein was “elected” several times, as was Putin.

  • Sad but true.

  • rwolf

    Americans vote for Obama to get free stuff.

    When Obama Looks in the Mirror, Does Obama see Socialist President Hugo Chavez?

    In 1998, when the notorious Socialist Hugo Chavez was campaigning for president of Venezuela, he was short thousands of votes to win. Previously Venezuelan poor did not largely vote. Chavez promised the poor if elected President, the Government would spend billions on welfare and other social-programs to help Venezuelans. Chavez said government could pay for these programs by increasing and levying new taxes on high income Venezuelans and businesses. Chavez won the Venezuelan Presidential election after huge numbers of poor voted for him.

    In 2008 when Obama was running for President he promised the poor unprecedented expansion of welfare and entitlements. Like Hugo Chavez— Obama said U.S. Government could pay for his social programs by taxing higher income Americans.

    Since Obama’s 2008 presidential election it is clear that if U.S. Government does not stop deficit spending and borrowing, America will be too broke to sustain either its welfare programs or a sufficient military to protect the Nation. The only promise Obama kept was to “level the playing field” for the people—Obama has turned millions of Americans into beggars, setting the stage for millions of Americans to accept a hybrid form of Marxist-socialism. America is separating into two distinct groups; those that work and pay their own way and those that don’t that live off Free Stuff paid for by taxpayers. It used to be when you met people at parties you would ask what line of work are you in? Now the question is, do you work or live off the Taxpayers? America is TRAPPED: Obama will increasingly need to raise taxes on working Americans and businesses to pay for Free Stuff demanded by his constituency—in addition to unaffordable ObamaCare health insurance costs forced on Americans and businesses that increasingly will cause higher unemployment, inhibit investment in America and impede businesses hiring new employees. Obama appears to believe crushing small businesses with higher taxes will transfer wealth to the workers. Workers can’t work for bankrupt employers. Obama’s current economic polices will create vast unemployment forcing more Americans onto the street to beg government for Free Stuff.

    In 2012 socialist dictator Hugo Chavez was reelected by a small margin. Chavez stated he would now step up nationalization of private companies including taking over banks and financial institutions. May observers believe Chavez’s take over of financial institutions will result in international loss of confidence in Venezuelan currency; that private companies will be forced to sell their assets to dictator Hugo Chavez for pennies on the dollar; at some point Chavez’s government will collapse after it runs out of other people’s money.

    The Obama Government has already run out of taxpayer money. While Obama begs the Communist Chinese Government for loans he is relentless to raise Americans’ taxes to pay for his out of control spending which appears unstoppable.