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Election 2012: Communist Party Thrilled That Obama Won


But at least he’s not a Communist, right?  Apparently, the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) thinks rather highly of the POTUS.  Not only did they endorse Obama, they are quite happy that he won.  Here is more, from The People’s World, one of the sites of the CPUSA…

Though many of the state margins were narrow President Obama ran the table winning every swing or battleground state with the possible exception of Florida where votes are still being counted as of 5:30 this morning.

President Obama also won the popular vote by 2 million votes.  The President won 303 electoral votes to 206 for Romney. We knew about 11 pm that the President had won when Ohio was called for him.

Democrats also held the Senate.  Elizabeth Warren won with a good margin in Massachusetts. Claire McKaskill won in Missouri beating Akin-he of the legitimate rape comment. Joe Donnelly also won in Indiana beating Republican Mourdock.  Warren won by eight percentage points. Donnelly won in Indiana by 6 percentage points. Sherrod Brown won re-election. Tammy Baldwin won becoming the first openly gay Senator. Democrats picked up seats in the Senate.

Progressives like you worked their hearts out all over America for our people, our country, our president, and progressive Democrats. We fought and beat the tea party, the oligarchs and massive rich, Karl Rove’s strategy, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and all those who would tear down democracy and destroy the middle class and the labor movement. Women spoke strongly. Latinos spoke strongly. The LGBT community spoke strongly. And AFRICAN-AMERICANS fought back against the neo-poll taxes and disenfranchisement.

And as always our labor movement provided the President a foundation of support, energy, and strong presence.

The truth for progressives is that we are slowly winning the battle of ideas, future constituents, policies of justice. This election was won with progressive constituencies and a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

The President won with huge healthcare reform that we must continue working on and commitment to the middle class and acommitment to workers and unions and collective bargaining.

Hmm.  The Communist Party is speaking highly of Obama, Claire McKaskill, and Elizabeth Warren.  Then, they cite solidarity with unions and a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

But, as well all know, there isn’t a single thing in common with our would-be regressive masters and the communists…right?

H/T: Weasel Zippers

  • WC, my Blog Talk Radio show co-host, is a WW2 buff and is convinced that we’ll be caught up in a world war within two years. The war will, at some point, deploy nuclear weapons.

    I am not convinced that such a thing is going to happen.

    For one thing, the Left has wised up over the past several decades. The slide into serfdom will be more gradual and will lack any kind of spectacular aspect — especially the latter in the early stages, the stages where turning back is possible.

    Private industry will erode to the point that a government job is the only job with decent wages and benefits. The bureaucracy will feed on itself, and as many of us who never worked for the government die off, those who didn’t grab a government job will be downtrodden serfs and live in a form of gulag.

    Within just one more term of Obama, education will be revamped so that it promotes even more Leftism, that is, fosters the ideas of ever-expanding rights (health care, employment, healthy food, etc.). In other words, the government at all levels will be “the parent” from cradle to grave.

    Also within an Obama second term, we’ll see significant erosion of the First Amendment. People will be afraid to speak out of the fear of being imprisoned or losing their jobs. Indeed, we’re already seen a lot of people afraid to speak their conservative views out of the fear of losing their jobs.

    Eventually, of course, a governmental bureaucracy that feeds on itself will cannibalize itself, and the standard of living will dramatically decline to that of a Third World country.

    I see an Orwellian World rising!