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In case anyone noticed, the site was down for a while.  Obviously, it is back.  Let’s just say that the hosting company saw that the server that hosted the CH 2.0 was having some problems.  That would explain the frequent outages that wee plaguing he site over the last few days.  So, the hosting folks migrated the site to another server and everything went kaput.  Apparently, the DNS for the site got screwed up.  However, the problem has been fixed, and the site seems to be working normally.  So, thanks for your patience, and let me know if there are additional problems.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    Welcome back…now get busy and report something that impeaches his lowness!

  • I’m so happy it is fixed now. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t get in. However, I was able to read the posts from my google reader. I just couldn’t get in and comment. Thanks for a speedy recovery!