Restoring Liberty Should be Our Number One Priority


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During the recent election most people listed the economy as their number one concern and that it should be a top priority for the next administration.  The reason people prioritize the economy as their main concern is because they can feel it.  Like the nauseating smell of cigarettes smoke, people feel the negative effects of a faltering economy.   It has an immediate and direct impact on their lives and impedes their ability to pursue happiness because there is little to no opportunity.  So it’s a natural thing for people to desire stronger economic conditions because it creates an opportunity rich environment. It establishes a basis for financial and economic security.  And it enhances and improves the individual condition.  If only people would connect the dots and realize that liberty is the foundation that economic freedom is built on.

The problem is most people do not understand the relationship between liberty and economic freedom.  This is why we tend to ask all the wrong questions to our candidates when they’re running for office.  The first thing we want to know is what they’re going to do to create jobs and boost the economy.  This is the wrong question.  We should be asking what they will do to restore liberty.  The truth is unless the candidates we support take steps to strip away the regulations that have restricted the liberties of the individual and small businesses we will not see the robust recovery we so desire.  Liberty is the foundation that creates economic freedom leading to job growth and prosperity.  So restoring liberty should be our number one priority.  But again for some strange reason people can’t wrap their brains around this relatively simple concept.   Perhaps the reason is because many view the two as separate issues; but they are not.  Using mathematical terms economic freedom and liberty are directly proportional.

As our economic freedom increases, so do our liberties.  As economic freedom decreases our liberties decrease.  It’s that simple.  Still so many look towards an all-powerful government to solve their problems.  They look for candidates who make empty promises about creating jobs yet in end will do nothing to restore liberties because they’re in the pocket of some special interest group that helped write the liberty stealing regulations to put their competitor out of business.  North Dakota is not experiencing an economic boom because of the discovery of oil in the Bakken Oil Fields.  North Dakota is experiencing its economic boom because of less regulation.  Fewer regulations mean more liberties and more liberties leads to economic freedom and prosperity.  This is the secret behind North Dakota’s success and why they have set up safe guards to thwart any attempt by the federal government to regulate oil operations on private property.  Once again there is no secret formula or hidden code to create the conditions that will lead to economic prosperity.  It all has to with restoring liberty.  And before this happens on a national level, it must first occur on the state level.

This in my opinion is where we must focus our efforts the next few election cycles.  There is no political solution for our economic woes that will come out of Washington.  The solutions to our problems are closer to home in local politics.  Once we turn it around at the state level, the national will follow.  The reason I say this is because all of those who represent us on the national level are grown at the state level.  Start electing local candidates who promote the restoration of liberty as their number one priority and everything will change.  The constitution will become the law of the land again.  States will begin to push back against their federal masters and federalism will be restored.  Economic prosperity will return.  And America will once again become a beacon to the world.

LIBERTY forever, freedom for all.