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Sunday Links: Christmas Toy Commercial Edition


Well, it’s Sunday again, and the Holiday Season is in full swing.  So, to bring back some fond memories, here are some old toy commercials from the 70’s and 80’s.  Of course, the Links are there as well, so click on a few!

A Conservative Teacher




Ace of Spades HQ


Adrienne’s Corner


All American Blogger

Always on Watch


America’s Watchtower


American Perspective


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings


ARRA News Service

Ask Marion


Atlas Shrugs


Bacon Time!!!!!


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead


Blogs for Borders



Bob’s Blog



Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes, the military


Capitol Commentary




Chicks on the Right

Cmblake6’s Weblog


Conservative Blog Central


Da Tech Guy


Daily Pundit


Doug Ross


Faithful In Prayer for America Blog

Free North Carolina


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone


Fuzzy Logic


Gulag Bound


H & B



Hot Air






Jill Stanek




Just a Conservative Girl

King Shamus


Knuckledraggin my life away


Left Coast Resistance


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse


Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Liberty At Stake


Lilac Sunday


Lonely Conservative


Maggie’s Notebook


Manhattan Infidel

Mind Numbed Robot


Motor City Times


Mulieris Dignitaten


My Tea Party Chronicle


Nebraska Energy Observer


Nice Deb



Nonsensible Shoes


Nuke Gingrich


Political Clown Parade


Political Realities


Proof Positive

Radio Patriot


Randy’s Roundtable


Reaganite Republican


Rebel Pundit







Right Klik




rjjrdq’s America II


Sister Toldjah


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue


Small Dead Animals



Soylent Green


Speak Up




Start Thinking Right


Stix Blog


Tea Party America



Texas Conservative News


Texas Fred


That Mr G Guy


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings



The Big Feed


The Camp of the Saints


The Classic Liberal


The Conservative Citizen Project


The Conservative Lady


The Conservatory

The Country Thinker


The Daley Gator


The Other McCain


The Political Commentator


The Rainey View

The republican Mother


The Scottcarp Dream


The Sentry Journal


The TrogloPundit


Theo Spark



Truth in Exile


USA Partisan 2009


Voting American


Western Front America


Western Hero

What Would The Founders Think?






Zilla of the Resistance




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  • Infidel de Manahatta

    Lite Brite was the greatest toy every made. It was the pinnacle of western civilization. It’s been all downhill since then.

    • Matt

      Does lite bright power the world-wide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel?

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  • Zilla

    OMGosh I played with so many of those wonderful toys and remember them well! Especially Lite Brite and the Snoopy Sno-cone machine (never could fine refills for the syrup!). Merlin was a lot of fun and made me feel smart!
    Thanks for the linky, Matt!

    • Matt

      You know, I think I asked for the snow-cone maker for years on end, and never got it!

  • Always On Watch

    Thanks for the linkage. I appreciate it.

    I discovered Lite Brite in my adulthood. For a time, I used the Lite Brite to make Christmas decorations for the inside of my windows.

    • Matt

      Lol, didn’t have a lite bright? Well, at least you discovered it later. I have relived it a bit with my daughter.

  • LD Jackson

    Thanks for the link, Matt.

    • Matt

      No problem Larry!

  • Steve Dennis

    Thanks for the link Matt and for sharing those commercials, they really bring back memories.

    • Matt

      Yeah, these posts are nostalgic for me, and I know a lot of the regulars here are around the same age, so why not post them?

  • steve

    Ahhh… Brings back memories (plus, I might need to snag a couple of the commercials for my own use).

    Thanks for the linkage!

    • Matt

      No problem Steve.

      Steal whatever you like, I just took them from YouTube.

  • John Carey

    Thanks for the link Matt. I had the smash up derby cars…then my dog got to it and I never found all the pieces. I’m sure some of the pieces ended up in his poop…it wasn’t that good of a toy for me to look.

    • Matt

      I had those cars too. I have to say I miss them. I had a ton of fun with them. Also, our dog never ate them. Thank God!

  • KingShamus

    Is it weird that I want a snoopy sno-cone machine? The 2XL thingy looks cool too.

    Thanks for the linkie goodness, Matt. Have a great week.

  • Bob Mack

    Thanks for the link, Matt. Ya know, I splurged a few weeks back & bought a 3D hi-def tv, but no matter how I set it, Obama only comes through in 1 dimension and only in the left eye.