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Michigan: Union Thugs Attack, Steven Crowder of PJ Media Assaulted


Today, in Michigan, the world got yet another lesson in what unions are all about.  We’ve shown multiple examples of union violence in the past.  What the goons failed to calculate this time is that they picked on and assaulted a relatively well known Conservative in Steven Crowder, of PJ Media.  Here is a video of part of the assault…

Ironically, while they are tearing down a tent set up by Conservatives, one is overheard complaining, and cursing about being called thugs….

And, we see the new tradition of attacking people with cameras…

After all, they can’t have people recording the thuggery can they?

This is organized labor at it finest.  They are a system of terror and control.  They insist on forcing others to join them.  They legalize theft from their “members” via dues, and then support politicians that kill the jobs of those same members.  When resisted, they resort to violence each and every time.  The power and control that they have amassed must be defended at all costs, and they don’t particularly care who they assault, attack or intimidate.

Unions:  So great that people should be forced to join!

They are the thugs, bullies, and goons of the left.  Violence is their only tool.  And, as people fight for freedom, we should expect them to become more and more violent.

  • Why am I not surprised that the union responded to the right to work legislation with violence. It seems that is the only thing they understand.

    • It is. They have little else to go with.