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Connecticut State Police Threaten to Investigate and Arrest People Spreading False Information on Social Networking Sites


This is a rather chilling example of authoritarianism.  A spokesman for the Connecticut State Police threatened to investigate and arrest people spreading false information on the Sandy Hook shooting.  Here is the video, via Steve Piotrowski’s 1776-R.  

This is chilling for three reasons:

1.  People can be wrong, and post things that they think are true.  Perhaps people were just posting what they saw on one of the alphabet networks?  Because, quite frankly, they have been reporting incorrect information all the time.

2.  What happens when facts don’t fit the narrative, and are discarded?  There are plenty of times, as of late, where information has been ignored or denied.  Will people reporting inconvenient truths be “investigated?”

3.  Steve Piotrowski points out another:

And with the N.D.A.A. in effect, American citizens can now be locked up indefinitely without a trial for just about any reason including making innocent facebook posts.  

I get that there is frustration with false information being disseminated.  After all, I am  Conservative, and MSNBC routinely makes it up as they go along.  But, I’ve never done anything more threatening to them than chuckle warmly when I post about their sub-basement  ratings.

Steve gives some contact information…

Call NOW!

The fat officer who is threatening to arrest people who practice free speech: 
VANCE, Paul J – (860) 685-8230 

Police Commissioner: BRADFORD, Reuben F (860) 685-8247, (860) 685-8000

State Police Phone Number: (860) 685-8190 

State Police Complaint Form:

OK, I don’t think we need to mention this, but all the same, don’t make threats or be disrespectful.  We are not liberals, and there is no need to act like them.  After all, we’re the good guys!

  • It is about to get real ugly over the next couple of weeks with this as the left prepares to use this tragedy to their benefit. I think it is disgusting but we have come to expect it.

  • What the heck? Jeez, you talk about tyranny! What does that pile of ass mean state and federal law enforcement will be looking into social web sites for false information??? Why don’t they focus on fighting crime? And that guy really needs to put down the donuts.

  • OldmanRick

    Gee, are the brownshirts going to arrest folks from the LSM who are misreporting the tragedy?

  • LiberalGal

    Hey! Listen, I’m as liberal as it comes – but I heard that press conference, too, and I was wondering what the heck he (the Sheriff) was referring to.Don’t believe the perpetrator’s of YOUR propaganda….liberals are not the problem. There is not one progressive as the CEO of any bank, stock brokerage, major corporation, or any other entity or organization who has bought this govt and the policies which will continue to perpetuate wars in order to make an unimaginable amount of money! Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation as he was leaving office about the military/industrial complex. You guys are just barking up the wrong tree.

    • On the contrary, we’re not barking up the wrong tree at all, The only reason the CEO’s go to Washington with truck-loads of cash is that the state has given themselves the power to help or hurt them. The corporations aren’t the problem. Government is. Each set of regulations increase costs, allowing the large corporations to squeeze out the smaller competition. Sweetheart deals, subsidies, and bailouts happen because government has given themselves the power to provide deals, subsidies, and bailouts.

      And, it seems to me that the union bosses send in their own truckloads of money, and far more than even those evil Koch brothers. Surely, you must oppose that as well?

      Thanks for a comment with out verbal attack. Civil discourse prevailed in this exchange.

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