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MEA President Politicize Shootings, Uses Tragedy to Push Personal Agenda Using Union Resources


Hours after the tragic school shooting, I received an email from the Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook. The entire statement can be found on the MEA website, paid for by unionized school employees, but here is the bulk of it:

Regardless of what the details and facts are of today’s events in Connecticut, this nation must have a real conversation about guns and the safety of our students and those who care for them.

“I am a gun owner and avid outdoorsman, but something must be done to protect our children from such acts of violence. Entire school communities — boards, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and students — need to be partners in discussions to ensure our school buildings are safe and protected from these kinds of crimes, using the latest in technology and building design to secure buildings and classrooms from those who would bring harm to students, whether armed or not.

But we need REAL solutions. Just yesterday, the Michigan Legislature passed SB 59, which allows for concealed firearms in our schools. Those who think that students and teachers will be safer with MORE guns in our schools are just plain wrong. Thinking that teachers should carry weapons and fire on threats is a recipe for even more death — not safety. I hope Governor Snyder understands this and vetoes SB 59, not only for the safety of our children but out of respect for those who died today in Connecticut. To sign this bill in light of this tragedy would be unfathomable.”

The details and facts of this tragedy, much like the other mass killing sprees that have struck the United States, are that they occur in areas that are supposedly “gun-free” zones in which gun carrying isn’t allowed. Today, a worker or a young student is most vulnerable to being murdered without any sort of chance of help in areas where the government creates a wall that prevents those who would stop such murderous rampages from occurring from doing so. Schools, universities, airplanes (prior to air marshal’s), or private property posted with a no-guns signs (like a movie theatre) are now the scenes of the most deadly gun-related rampages- and that should fact should not be overlooked.

Evil cowards know that they can go on to school property, or visit Steve Cook’s house (assuming that he isn’t a hypocrite), and know that there will be no armed resistance to anything that they intend to do. These zones are ‘gun free’, so anyone who brings a firearm into these areas is superior and does not have to fear being stopped in any way from any sort of agenda that they engage in.

And then when they begin their rampage of death, it is assured to be much more deadly than if someone or several someones had firearms to deal with the evil turd. Professor Eugene Volokh provides several cases where a deadly shooter was stopped after only murdering several people by a brave citizen armed with a firearm and his second amendment rights.

Steve Cook is the usual sort of leftist thug who believes that we should have ‘a conversation’, but really just wants ‘his solution’, which is for the state to have all the firearms and weapons and for people to be left defenseless and helpless, much as they were at this school today. When I read the story of today’s tragedy I was struck at how utterly HELPLESS the people were as death stalked the halls of the school- left with no weapons of any sort, they simply waited to die or prayed for mercy or luck.

This is no way to live, and no way to work, and I am pissed that my union President, who is paid with dues money taken from me without my choice, is using this tragedy to try to take weapons and defences from law-abiding citizens so that more tragedies like this one can occur. Schools, universities, airplanes, and military barracks should be heavily armed and defended, as they protect us at our most vulnerable, and instead union hacks like Steve Cook are preaching the opposite- to take freedom and liberty out of people’s hands and leave us all cowering at the mercy of thugs and evil-doers.

Next I imagine that Cook is going to push to remove all knives from schools after a knife attack at a Chinese school wounded 22 children and 1 adult. In spite of a Chinese law requiring those who buy knives to register, it looks like this attack was stopped through armed security guards and not government laws depriving people of their own ability to defend their property, liberty, and lives.

MEA President Steve Cook is right about one thing- entire school communities including school boards, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and students need to be partners in discussions to ensure our school buildings are safe and protected from these kinds of crimes, and in these discussions need to push for more funding for armed security guards, police officer liaisons, training for staff in weapons and firearms, and more training and support for concealed weapons in schools. A professional, liberty-loving, and well-armed workforce is the best defense against future school shootings, not weak, disarmed, and helpless serfs at the mercy of lawless thugs and evildoers. Look to our founding principles and we shall find guidance on this issue, and disabuse Mr. Steve Cook of his backward notions and faulty logic.

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UPDATE: The Detroit News chimed on this very same subject, taking a more balanced approach but highlighting the very same statement from Cook- read the Detroit News version at Shootings energize debate about expanding CCW laws in Michigan.

Here in Michigan we don’t just dicuss things- we get them done. Let’s not talk and discuss anymore- here in Michigan we need your help. The Governor might be tempted to veto the legislation that our legislature passed that will let law-abiding and trained patriotic Americans carry concealed weapons in schools and thereby deter acts such as the latest school shooting. Call our Governor’s office at (517) 373-3400 or fax at (517) 335-6863 and do more than just talk about making a difference- help make a difference by encouraging him to pass the bill.

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