Did Union Thugs Destroy a Church?


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union thug

Apparently, even God isn’t above the reach of union thugs.  Here’s the background.  Quakers (not the Oatmeal folks, the actual religion) needed a new “meeting house” (their place of worship=church).  However, they decided to go with non-union labor.  That’s when things, shall we say, got interesting.  Philly .com,  via Weasel Zippers has more…

As agonizing as the process was, the result is a trim little design, faced in traditional Wissahickon schist, that will visibly reflect the ideals Quakers hold dear, from respect for the environment to plain old good neighborliness. And yet, in one crucial way, the $5.8 million project now under construction is also a frank acknowledgment of real-world conditions: To afford Philadelphia’s first new Quaker meetinghouse in 80 years, the Chestnut Hill Friends felt their only option was to employ a nonunion contractor.

And now they are paying the price.

Four days before Christmas, the Friends’ world was rocked by the sort of violence they have devoted their lives to stamping out.

Vandals with an acetylene torch crept onto the project’s muddy construction site in the middle of the night. Working out of view in the meetinghouse’s freshly cemented basement, they sliced off dozens of bolts securing the bare steel columns and set fire to the building crane, causing $500,000 in damage.

Police detectives deemed the attack arson because of a series of confrontational visits from union officials days before the incident. They say the torch could only have been operated by a trained professional, and believe it was almost certainly the work of disgruntled union members. The city has assigned extra investigators to the case and is working with federal forensic experts to track down the vandals, said Michael Resnick, the city’s public safety commissioner.

If this turns out to be true, it would be yet another example of the terror tactics used by unions.  If someone steps outside of the union influence, they must be punished.  And, it doesn’t appear that they even respect God.  It must be good to be a union boss.  Great pay, lots of perks, millions of workers that are forced to pay tribute to you, and you even get to attack God.

No wonder union bosses think so highly of themselves.

  • Disgraceful! What else can be said really? These people are thugs pure and simple and actually see nothing wrong with what they are doing because they have the entitlement mentality that has crept into society today.

  • Sadly I am not surprised. And sadly since the consensus seems to be it was Unions responsible for the damage the press will treat it as a nonstory.

  • jtb0182310

    What’s really disgraceful is that americans who watch tv (and dont read the Book) actually think God is sitting in a church building somewhere.

    Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool, what house shall ye build me, or where is my place of rest?

    Obviously, americans have NO CLUE. But they sure know when American Idol is on next.

  • I fear we will see a lot more of this kind of behavior in the months and years ahead. As Steve said, they feel entitled to their high wages.