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Liberal Professor Engages in Projection: Blames Mass Murder on “White Privilege”


Imagine, if you will, that you are a liberal regressive, and want to keep your client classes on the government plantation.  You don’t want them to become independent, as they would then no longer need you.  If they don’t need you, you can’t control them, you can’t manipulate them, and they won’t vote for you or the candidate of your choice.  Your adversary is then Western Culture, and the idea that one can better themselves with work and that everyone has opportunity.  To combat that, you need to negate those ideas, and tell your client classes that no matter what they do, they cannot succeed.  So, you create an non-existent construct that negates  the narrative of self sufficiency.  A perfect example of such a construct is the fallacy of “White Privilege.”  This intellectual poison pill explains away failure, and kills initiative by suggesting the all of society is built exclusively for white people, and people of other races cannot succeed.  To combat this mythical issue, whites must be systematically discriminated against, and be blamed for every single problem that exists in society.  It’s the perfect liberal boogie man.  You get to keep your people in intellectual chains, while keeping pressure and hate focused on those that live in reality.  When liberal policies decimate minorities, it’s “White Privilege!”  When union run regressive  schools systematically undereducate, if educates at all, it’s really  “White Privilege!”  When welfare policies destroy families, leading to increased crime and poverty, it’s “White Privilege!”

And, while we’re at it, why not blame mass murder on “White Privilege?”

Robert Jensen, who is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, also suggested race-based alienation is a motivating factor behind some parts of the conservative Tea Party movement.

“Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?” Jensen asked rhetorically. “My guess is that it has something to do with the sense of entitlement that most white people feel.”

“When the world doesn’t deliver what those men feel they deserve, violence is seen as a reasonable response,” continued Jensen.

OK, let’s take this apart.  Frankly, it’s frightfully easy.  First, let’s take a look at one of my favorite terms-“sense of entitlement.”

en·ti·tle·ment  [en-tahy-tl-muh?nt]


1.   the act of entitling.

2.  the state of being entitled.

3.  the right to guaranteed benefits under a government program, as Social Security or unemployment compensation.

OK, what do Conservatives and Libertarians want?  Do they claim a right to other people’s labor?  Do they demand ownership of what belongs to others?  OR, do they want to be left alone?  Do they just want to keep what it theirs, and live in peace?  And, is demanding to be left alone exercising a sense of entitlement?  You see, Mr. Jensen is engaging in that great liberal/regressive tradition of projection.  Since liberals do have a well developed and hypersensitive sense of entitlement, they see the world through “entitlement colored glasses.” So, they see their own tendencies in others.  In other words, Jensen is painfully twisting reality in order to accuse Conservatives and Libertarians of having liberal thought processes.

the fact of the matter is that all of the mass killers had significant psychiatric problems, and the laws did not allow anyone to intervene prior to the events.  But, let’s forget that, and blame it all on an fabricated reality used to keep the client classes on the plantation.


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