CBS Condones Doing Away With the US Constitution


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CBS asks, “Is the US Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?”

Why does it not surprise me that CBS would take this view of the foundation of our nation? This document is the bedrock upon which everything American was built. We are blessed to belong to the greatest country on the planet where individual liberties and freedoms were put ahead of any thoughts of autocratic rule after we won our battle for independence. It would have been ridiculously easy for some or any one of our founders to have decided that they could rule this new country in a fair and benevolent manner. Yet instead, ours was a revolution that obtained freedoms, not one that usurped them.

Now we have in our country, a movement that views the US Constitution as a flawed document because it limits the power of the federal government. That is why Obama despises it so much. He is on record saying as much, but this view didn’t start with him, we see it going as far back as Woodrow Wilson. His progressive views held little regard for the Constitution.

CBS has now given air time to yet another liberal whack job who also despises the Constitution.

Take a brief moment to view the video and then let’s let CBS know just what we think of their condoning the abandonment of our Constitution.


  • You really did nail the reason behind their hatred of the constitution and that is because it limits the federal government’s powers. Now we have the propaganda arm of the Obama regime stepping into start to persuade the people as well.

  • OldmanRick

    Nice to see someone else expose Wilson.

  • So what if Barack Obama is a foreign national?? I don’t think this guy realizes (or maybe he does and is a potential traitor as well) the natural born citizen clause protects America from a president with divided loyalties. A leader with affinity towards another nation would not have America’s best interest in mind when making policy especially ones of national security. We see that daily right now.
    I almost laughed when he said we would never allow the United States to be ruled by France of the United Nations. That’s exactly what’s happening whether the American people “allow” it or not. Barack Obama is a global citizen and is steadily turning America’s sovereignty over to the United Nations. People such as this guy and Barack Obama who view the Constitution as a flawed document are an eminent danger to America. How anyone take Obama seriously when he was “lied” into office saying he will protect and defend something he views as flawed?

  • grnberet51

    It sure is better than their love and reverence of the Communist Manifesto!

  • And, because of our dumbed down society, most people are not offended by what the communist proffesor is saying.

  • Pcorle

    Okay CBS, lets start with eliminating the 1st Amendment. That way all the stupid marxist hacks in your network can shut the hell up.

  • Ed Wallis

    Seidman needs to have it pointed out to him that, if he thinks it would be OK to only follow/keep those laws people think are right…there are some who think it would be OK to shoot him in the head. Is he *cool* with that?

  • Well if my intellectual superiors in the elite want to get rid of the Constitution then that’s good enough for a plebe like me. I know my place.

  • Thanks for posting this Don. It’s yet an other example of how our would be regressive masters think about us, and our God-given rights.