Obama/Holder’s War on Small Business and Their Gestapo Like Tactics


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Last year on the campaign trail, Obama let his slip show when he said that if you owned a small business, you didn’t build that. With absolutely zero experience in the private sector, our president has no idea what it means to risk your own, hard earned money, time and good name to start a business. Being steeped in the politics of Marx, Obama actually loathes folks that have made it on their own, with no help or thanks from the federal government. His education in Alinsky’s tactics, the MSM’s blind devotion and a dumbed-down electorate have all come together for a perfect storm in a Nazi-like war on business.

The Mountain Pure Water Bottling Company of Arkansas recently got fed a heeping dose of Obama and Holder’s thug tactics when their main office was stormed in a whirl wind of a raid that would have made Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin proud.

These folks were subjected to illegal search and seizure, intimidation and even threats against their personal safety when 40 to 50 federal agents swarmed in on their place of work. They were physically shoved out of the way, corralled into one room, subjected to having their personal items taken and not even allowed to contact an attorney.

The agents even went so far as to state that they were the federal government and they could do anything they wanted.

I know we all lead busy lives, dealing with the day-to-day details that make up our routine, but please, PLEASE sit down and take the 20 minutes needed to view this video. If we don’t at least highlight these thug, gestapo tactics when they occur, we’ll be sitting around telling our grand children what it was like in America back when men were free…

  • Sadly, the general public, at least those that are aware of these raids, probably think these companies are quilty of breaking some federal law and, therefore, there is no outrage. They are not hearing the side of the story of the companies. This is a dangerous abuse of power by the federal government and unless people see a vedio like this, they are clueless about what is happening. Since many of the people being abused are too scared to talk up, there is no reason for the feds to back off. Intimidation works. It worked in Germany in the 1930’s too.