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MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Video: Volume 7954



OK, the number is a wee bit of an exaggeration, but probably not by much.  It seems that MSNBC, and other news outlets, were caught selectively editing  footage to show that a parent of a Sandy Hook victim was heckled at a public hearing.  Nice Deb has the story and footage…

First off , here is the MSNBC video…

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Now, here is what really happened…

He wasn’t heckled AT ALL, as Treacher and everyone else on the planet who has seen the complete video, can see:

He asked the question and demanded an answer. There was complete silence. And only then, when he said that not one person could answer it — rather than remaining quiet out of respect for his feelings — did a few people answer it. You might not like their answer if you don’t like the Second Amendment, but that answer wasn’t unprompted. They were not heckling him.

How stupid do they think people are? Stupid enough to reelect Obama.

I guess I can see why they try this crap.

As you can see, the editing was subtle, but clear-  typical liberal propaganda.  Nice Deb has a great run down of all the times NBC, or MSNBC has been caught editing footage to make someone look bad.  It won’t be the last, and we’ll be around to expose it.

  • I would say this is unbelievable but has become commonplace, the left will do anything to move the agenda forward and tbe MSM will be right there helping them along by any means neccessary.